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TI-83+ OS v1.13 Released
Posted by Eric on 12 April 2001, 04:14 GMT

A whole slew of people have emailed me about a new TI-83+ OS version, so all you 83+ users might want to go check it out. I'm not too sure what's new in this version (the webpage says it "contains advances over OS version 1.12...functionality as well as some fixes"), but hey, it's a bigger version number, so that means it's gotta be better, eh? Or something like that. Anyway, here's the link to the download page. Enjoy!


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Re: TI-83+ OS v1.13 Released
Tromboner Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't know if anyone else mentioned it, but the link menu item SendSW now says SendOS.

     24 April 2001, 21:06 GMT

Re: TI-83+ OS v1.13 Released
jason lin  Account Info

help me!!!!!!!
my ti-83 plus keep on saying:

Please install calculator software now.

wat do i do?!

     12 January 2002, 03:37 GMT

Re: TI-83+ OS v1.14 Released
Paul Spagnola  Account Info

i tryed to install os v1.14 my computer froze and now i have no os. my calculator just says please install calculator software now.. what should i do??

     5 February 2002, 09:04 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83+ OS v1.14 Released
Paul Som  Account Info

Can someone please help me too.. i can't reinstall :-(

     4 December 2002, 06:58 GMT

i need some help with os
Matt Maxfield  Account Info

I was trying to upgrade my os and I guess it failed but my original os was lost and now when I turn calc on it says waiting... please install calc software now then error! press any key to turn off unit which is standard when u dont have an os. also before that everything was working i was putting games on calc from computer etc and now it isnt detecting the link or calc or anything. all i need to know is if there is a way i can get an os onto my calculator. keep in mind ti connect wont detectect the link... thanks u can email me if you want if u have a suggestion

     12 May 2003, 06:18 GMT

Re: i need some help with os
Jan De Kock  Account Info

ME TOO, Cant use t anymore, heeeeellluuuup

     19 August 2003, 21:35 GMT

Re: Re: i need some help with os
a k Account Info
(Web Page)

All you have to do is go to education.ti.com. Go to the TI-83+ plus part, and download the latest OS. Follow the directions to install it.

     8 January 2004, 23:13 GMT
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