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TiLP v4.10 Released
Posted by Eric on 27 March 2001, 09:20 GMT

Romain Liévin has released a substantial update to his popular multiplatform linking program, TiLP (yes, for you oldies out there, TiLP is the old GtkTiLink project). The new version brings a multitude of speed enhancements and brand-spanking new features, so proceed to download it for your operating system of choice, Unix or Windows. To get the full scoop of the new features, you might want to check out the ChangeLog.

Update (Eric): Romain has released an update to the Windows version of TiLP. This fixes the problems many people have been getting in regards to missing DLLs and other fun stuff like that.


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Re: TiLP v4.10 Released

Looks really cool....

     27 March 2001, 09:47 GMT

Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Pandrogas  Account Info
(Web Page)

So, is this ti-link better than the regular release one?

     27 March 2001, 14:57 GMT

Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Romain Liévin  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, it's better. It is now 4 times faster !
It will be the last release. I have decided to finished another current project: GtkTiEmu.

A remark which have disappeared of the description: the GTK+ DLLs are not provided with TiLP any longer. They must be separately downloaded on http://sourceforge.net/projects/tilp.
Advantage: a smaller archive given that GTK+ DLLs need to be downloaded once.

If some people prefer a unique package then mail me !

     27 March 2001, 15:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
max_power  Account Info

The program worked not. :( He shows me that he cannot find the GNU-INTL.DLL. What can I do? It would be cool, if somebody can help me.

     27 March 2001, 17:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Romain Liévin  Account Info
(Web Page)

You have this error because you do not have the GTK+ DLLs.
They must be separately downloaded on http://sourceforge.net/projects/tilp

I believe that I should have put these DLLs with TiLP, isn't it ?
I note it for next release !

     27 March 2001, 18:47 GMT

Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
depleateduranium  Account Info

cool, but why would i need this

     27 March 2001, 18:40 GMT

Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
JaggedFlame Account Info

TI hasn't made a link program for Linux users yet, so this allows Linux users to take advantage of their GRAPH-Link.

And, of course, it happens to come out right after I get rid of my Linux partition... :-(

     27 March 2001, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Romain Liévin  Account Info
(Web Page)

The GNU-INTL.LIB and other libs made up the GTK+ DLLs. This is a port of the GTK+ libraries from Linux. These DLLs are used by the GUI and allow me to develop a multi-platform program. These libraries are also available (but still in development) for BeOS and Mac.
Usually, they are provided with TiLP but I have decided for this release to package them separately because some people ask to me. Moreover, another project will use these libs and I would like to share them.

I believe that it was an error.
Sorry for all inconveniences. I am going to correct this drawback....

     27 March 2001, 19:28 GMT

Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
pantherace13  Account Info

If you don't use Windows or MacOS, TI does not provide anything. Heck, the TI-graphlink program isn't all that stable. If you use something link linux on x86, alpha, or sparc (roms has anyone tried it with linux-sparc yet?, and is something wrong with the mailing list or did you annonce it there?) Solaris on sparc or x86, beos on x86, etc, or you want a better link program for general use for Windows or MacOS. I am going to be tring to port it to the agenda (linux-based super pda 8MB RAM, 8MB Flash (general edition when it comes out)), but given how my attention gets diverted so easily, it will likely never get done.

     27 March 2001, 19:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Romain Liévin  Account Info
(Web Page)

TiLP has been successfully compiled and ran on a SPARC5 station with Solaris5.7 and a Grey TIGL.
It works also on Alpha stations thanks to James Lancaster (aka pantherace, isn't it ?!).
It has been partially ported on BeOS and I have found someone for porting it on MacOS.

Anyways, all link cable are faster under Linux (even if TiLP is now up to 4 times faster). Only WinNT is as fast as Linux in I/O speed.

The only regret I have: GTK+ (the GUI) is not very standard under Windows but I have not enough time for doing a MFC GUI !
If someone want do a Win32 native GUI, he can. TiLP is independant of the GUI.

     27 March 2001, 20:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
pantherace13  Account Info

Yes, that is me (james).

This version will not run on Alpha, but I have already sent the modified file to you.

I wonder how different MIPS serial io is, I hope it is the same.

     28 March 2001, 23:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
Sean Barnes  Account Info
(Web Page)

Speaking of the Agenda VR3, I've been thinking of porting some linux programs to it. A link program would be nice.

I've also been thinking of putting an 86 emulator onto it. Someone already ported an 85 emulator.

And yes I do have a Agenda VR3 "Developer's Edition" sitting in front of me now =)


     28 March 2001, 01:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TiLP v4.10 Released
pantherace13  Account Info

I plan on tring. And testing out the fluid program to get the gui. Should be a piece of cake. (I have the feeling it won't be that easy.)

I don't think that it should be too hard, roms has done all of the hard work, with the lowlevel stuff.

     28 March 2001, 23:12 GMT

Mercury  Account Info
(Web Page)

I noticed that the documentation does not tell where one can find the DLPortIO driver, and after much searching, i have found it. Click the URL to get to the download site.

     27 March 2001, 22:46 GMT

some suggestions

i like it and it runs 2-3 times faster than th TI-Graph link software.

in the setup, you should have it all in one window (instead of 7) with tabs to general, font type, etc... so that you dont have to keep going up to the top to change different options

i like the remote control but it would be better if you ran it off the screen capture thingy so it would look like an emulator while actually using the calc's resources.

the backup scans the files and downloads the first file and then times out. i dont know if this is a bug with the program or just my problem.

also, it would be nice to have a drag and drop interface between calc and computer instead of selecting and hitting the recieve button.

     28 March 2001, 04:16 GMT

Re: some suggestions
Luke Imhoff  Account Info
(Web Page)

Drag and Drop capablitiy involves shell integration (at least for windows), so the program would have to have shell integration for all platforms. This is probably quite hard. Sebastian's linking program has shell integration, but it's in a very early stage. (With shell integration the calc appears as a new drive.)

     28 March 2001, 15:27 GMT

Re: Re: some suggestions
Sebastian Reichelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

You do need shell integration, but simple drag and drop is rather easy to do. For drag and drop to the program, you only need to be able to access the Windows API. The other direction requires COM, and I haven't bothered to try yet.

     28 March 2001, 16:24 GMT

Re: Re: some suggestions
roms  Account Info
(Web Page)

About shell integration, Sebastian use COM technology (Component Object Model) for this. I have used COM: very powerful but a bit hard !
It can be used with C programs but it is more oriented on C++.

     28 March 2001, 16:26 GMT

Re: some suggestions
roms  Account Info
(Web Page)

About DnD, GTK+ supports it. I have planned it for the future...

     28 March 2001, 16:24 GMT

Harper Maddox  Account Info
(Web Page)

That TYRON RPG for Ashell looks great. You guys should make it a featured program.

     28 March 2001, 06:58 GMT

Alexander Hansson  Account Info

I wonder what it means when a program gets featured. Is there going to be any voting for POTM this month?

     4 April 2001, 08:29 GMT

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