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Directory Separation Completed
Posted by Eric on 27 February 2001, 03:06 GMT

All done. Huzzah! The directory separation has taken a bit longer than expected - we sure have a lot of TI-89 and TI-92+ programs - but I think it's all worth it (note to the uninformed: if you haven't visited ticalc.org in the past few days, you might want to read the news item about 5 boxes below this before you brand me as insane...unless you have already, but that's a different story).

You can now browse your favorite TI-89 and TI-92+ assembly archives in the following categories:

So, theoretically, all the no-stub programs should work without a shell, and all the DoorsOS programs will require a shell such as DoorsOS (obviously) or UniversalOS. If this is not the case, send me a note with the exact filename. Otherwise, enjoy!


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Re: Directory Separation Completed

Hey Eric, I noticed a ebook still in the misc. section a while back. it was a bible. like the king james version or something like that. this was just after you seperated the ebooks, so i don't know if it is still in the wrong place or not. just thought i'd let you know.


     27 February 2001, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: Directory Separation Completed
J22 Account Info
(Web Page)

I think technically that's not an ebook, it's a text file for pictionary or some other text reader, or something like that. Putting it in the ebook folder would be a bad idea because the ebook reader won't read it and people would be confused.

     28 February 2001, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Directory Separation Completed

oh, ok. i didn't know it wasn't an ebook. i just saw the name and assumed it was since i have seen others like it in the ebook format.


     28 February 2001, 22:50 GMT

PpHd  Account Info

Could you separate also the 'DoorsOS' directory into 3 ones ?

+ Kernel of the first generation (with PlusShell v < 0.9)
+ Kernel of the second generation (doorsos v1.00 and PlusShell v1.00 alpha)
+ Kernel of the third generation (UnisOs v1.21, TeOs, DoorsOs II)

I think it will be usefull, not ?

     7 March 2001, 10:33 GMT

Re: Question
Julien Muchembled  Account Info

Is it useful to keep the programs which work with PlusShell v < 0.9 ?
And souldn't the programs for doorsos v1.00 and PlusShell v1.00 alpha work for current kernels ?

     10 March 2001, 00:09 GMT
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