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New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
Posted by Eric on 22 February 2001, 19:26 GMT

We're pleased to announce our newest hosted site: tigcc.ticalc.org. Unless you've been living under a rock or in a server closet somewhere in Sweden, you'll know that this is the home of that supercool C compiler for the TI-89 and TI-92+. Here you can find tutorials, examples, news, screenshots, and everything else there is to know about TIGCC. The site is being maintained by Sebastian Reichelt.


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BigD  Account Info

I am overwhelmed at the thought of an official TIGCC site. Now all I have to do is click once to find all the info that I need. Maybe we can look forward to tutorials geared around TIGCC and not just C in general. I do admit that Techno-plaza is one of the best I have seen for tutorials. Thanks John. Thanks to all who have spent hours and days to show the TI community how these calculaters 'think'.

Aspiring TIGCC Programmer

     23 February 2001, 00:33 GMT

Kai  Account Info
(Web Page)

I bought "Absolute Beginner's Guide to C" by SAMS Publishing. A real great book.

     23 February 2001, 01:16 GMT

(Web Page)

Although the Technoplaza lessons are very good, I have found that it is easier to get a more thorough expanation by reading tutorials of C itself and not those on calc C. The lessons on calc C seem to be geared toward making games and don't really explain every aspect of the language. However, a general C tutorial explains the workings of the language and goes a lot deeper. Click the URL to see how to get the tutorial that I recomend.

NOTE: If you choose to use the tutorial that I recomend, you will need to download a compiler. TIGCC will not work in all cases, as it is for calc C and not C itself. Click the URL above to see how to download the compiler that I recomend. It is free as is the tutorial.

Here is the URL just in case the link above doesn't work.

http:/www.geocities.com /onefastfiveoh /000/000/ ctutorial.htm

Omit the spaces.


     23 February 2001, 05:43 GMT

kog kog  Account Info
(Web Page)

Another plug

     25 February 2001, 04:41 GMT

nyall  Account Info

His was appropriate, yours tend to be silly bragging

     25 February 2001, 05:28 GMT

Nick Carlson

It's a useful plug, though. It's on topic, and the site has actual real usable content. ^_^

-- Nick

     25 February 2001, 05:28 GMT

Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
Magnus Hagander  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ahh, I guess our server room is large enough not to
be considered a closet, since I actually knew about that one :-)
(Yes, even before I approved the hosting)

     23 February 2001, 16:52 GMT

Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
depleateduranium  Account Info

okay listen up EVIL DEAD would be the absolute best 89 asm game ever made. HINT:make it and u will be loved by many. play rougespear on the zone w/me, names bigboar

     23 February 2001, 18:02 GMT

Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, yet another site with good content and bad design...

     23 February 2001, 19:45 GMT

Re: Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

In my opinion, the content of the site is much more important than its design. At least, for me. I hate well designed sites where I can't find nothing useful. Any site with plain-text design and with useful content is much more interesting for me.

     23 February 2001, 21:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
torrenttrue  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ahhhh, why not have both and have a great site? It is doable. Look at Detacheds Solutions site, for example. Good content and good design. It's fast because there arn't many graphics and it still looks great.

--Nathan Buda

     23 February 2001, 23:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

Good design =>
More time needed for designing =>
Less free time for programming =>
Less time for improving TIGCC itself.

     24 February 2001, 12:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
torrenttrue  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is why the owner of the site has a friend or is paying someone else to do the design. He/She can now spend his/her time making help files, etc. Detacheds Solutions has plenty of time for programming because they have certain people intended for site design and some for programming and some for both. Jason Kovacs is a good example of the 'both' category.

--Nathan Buda

     24 February 2001, 17:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Hosted Site: tigcc.ticalc.org
(Web Page)

I have designed a site logo for the tigcc site (looks best on a white bk) and I have designed a new look. I am trying out different designs for sebastian and I am trying to see what ones he likes best. I wouldn't mind helping him maintain his site.

     25 February 2001, 00:09 GMT

Re: content / design
Kevin Kofler
(Web Page)

I agree.

plain text =
* short loading time
* less designing time (more time to add content)
* easier to navigate (since you don't have to adapt to everyone's "original" menu system)
* no annoying special effects
* easier to read

ticalc.org is a good example of an adapted text / image ratio.

     24 February 2001, 14:15 GMT

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