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Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Posted by Eric on 8 February 2001, 00:56 GMT

Here's an interesting thought: eBooks of ticalc.org news on your TI-89 and TI-92+? Kurt Hoffmann has come up with a pretty nifty idea: he's written a Linux program that packages news for ticalc.org and Slashdot into an eBook and uploads the files to his web site every hour.

So, theoretically, you could use your TI-89 or TI-92+ like a Palm or Handspring and take your news with you. Obviously this isn't that viable as of now (I don't think AvantGo is worried about their sales yet, anyway :)), but hey, it's a start.

Update (Eric): In case you're wondering, Kurt has sent word that he'll be releasing his generating program after making a few modifications.

Update (Eric): The script has been released. Kurt has also added abcnews.com to the list of hourly-generated eBooks on his website.


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Luke Haywas  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is a good idea, but it would be better if the files were done for textrider... it's got more features.

     8 February 2001, 08:27 GMT

Re: Well...
Bubba Stinky  Account Info
(Web Page)

I will modify it for textrider or any file type as long as there is a unix program that takes plain text and automatically generate the calculator files for me. I am lazy.


     8 February 2001, 08:51 GMT

Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Michael Vincent  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have a similar program which puts ticalc.org's news on my 83+, where I view it with a text viewer of sorts I wrote. If enough people want it, I will release it. Anyone?

     8 February 2001, 13:13 GMT

Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Dan G  Account Info
(Web Page)

Interesting idea. Not particularily useful, since ticalc doesn't update news quite that often, but an interesting idea nevertheless. I wonder if TI ever dreamed we'd be doing such weird things with their calcs?

     8 February 2001, 21:14 GMT

Re: Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Ted Burton  Account Info
(Web Page)

If another corporate giant is any example, they probably had little idea of what we (the TI community in general) have done on our calcs. Supposedly around 1950 an IBM internal memo said "There is a worldwide market for maybe 5 computers."

     8 February 2001, 22:30 GMT

Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Sean Kinney  Account Info

Of course, my favorite use of eBook so far was to reproduce my chem textbook on my calc. Helpful for studying but even more helpful for tests. Thank the gods, or TICT, for this!

     9 February 2001, 00:50 GMT

Weather forecasts?

Here's another idea for "Bubba Stinky": How about localized weather forecasts for major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, etc.? It's not the most thrilling thing to have on the calc, but it sure would be useful.

     9 February 2001, 04:00 GMT

Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Henning  Account Info

Hi. I think the news thing is a good idea. But wouldn't it be so much easier if you had a program that did all the work for you, whenever you plug your calc in.
I am thinking about writing a program to write and read mail on the calc and then plug it in the computer to send and get new mail.
I know how I would do the calc part and the computer part, the only thing I'm missing is documentation on how the graphlink works. Is there any documentation on how to program the graphlink (for an 83+)? Does anyone know if it is horribly complicated?


     9 February 2001, 05:09 GMT

Re: Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
Paulo Marques  Account Info
(Web Page)

Alas, the most troubling thing, AFAIK...

     10 February 2001, 00:20 GMT

Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?

wouls someone please tell me how i can make my own ebooks? is there a program that i can just paste text into and it will spit out an ebook file for the 89? i would find this very useful when taking math tests.


     9 February 2001, 15:10 GMT

Re: Re: Alternative Uses of eBooks?
joseph merfalen  Account Info

yes you can make your own eBooks...
just download the TIGCC Tools Suite v0.97 (10/12/2000)
from the link below:

     10 February 2001, 01:04 GMT
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