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BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Posted by Eric on 15 January 2001, 04:06 GMT

Flavien Racien has released BomberMaze68K v0.95, which, as you might have guessed already, is a Bomberman clone for the TI-89 and the TI-92+. BomberMaze68K joins the list of Bomberman clones such as BomberBoy v1.2 and Bomberman 89, so we'll see how it stacks up. This one includes a host of nice features, so be sure to take a look. You might also want to visit Flavien's webpage.


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Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Josh Lee  Account Info

So...which ones of these, Bomberman89, BigDyna, or this new BomberMaze68k do you guys think is better?

     16 January 2001, 06:48 GMT

Re: Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Flavien Racine  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't think my game is the better.
BigDyna is my favourite =)

     16 January 2001, 16:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Marcos Lopez  Account Info
(Web Page)

My favourite is Bomberman89, but as it is incomplete, BomberMaze has now taken that place for me...

Only two issues about BomberMaze:

-A little help with cornering, please, Flavien :-)

-Small "error": when exploding timed-bombs, it should explode them in the same order they were put, not all of them at the same time. This is: you put 3 (not connected) bombs, then if you press [2nd], the 1st bomb should be detoned, [2nd] again to detone the 2nd one, and so on...

Congratulations Flavien for an incredible game :-)

     16 January 2001, 19:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Flavien Racine  Account Info
(Web Page)

For the cornering, in the future (perhaps the next release) I will use the same cornering as BigDyna. So it will be easier ;)

Concerning the timed-bombs exploding, I'm not sure I can do something, because of my bombs structure, but I'll try to do something. In fact, when you drop a bomb, it's considered as a peace of the level matrix.
But I'll try ;)

     17 January 2001, 01:23 GMT

Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Mammoth_Mk.2 Account Info

great game... looks amazing but its a little hard for me but im shure about others... fun tho... another great game

     16 January 2001, 23:12 GMT

Re: Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Flavien Racine  Account Info
(Web Page)

Too hard ?
I find it too easy, I already finished 2 times the game :)
Ok, finishing the game took me 2 hours !!
There are 5 areas of 5 levels, so 25 levels.

     17 January 2001, 01:26 GMT

Re: BomberMaze68K v0.95 Released
Nidal Khater  Account Info

YoOo let's speak a little Freeeench :
FLAViieeen je t'aiiime t génial t beau t super toooOP

but seriously, i am in first année of DEUG d'informatique...(not in France but in LIBAN), et i study C++ (yes, from the first year!), and i want to know how can YOU YOUNG boys do such GOOD programs, and ME, poor 'big' guy, i only know just a little of BASIC..!!??

franchement...encourage moi, donne moi des conseils, mec, stp!...is it HARD to do such progs, or is it only a matter of...TIME?

     19 January 2001, 23:58 GMT

My little story =)
Flavien Racine  Account Info
(Web Page)

Good french ;)

I'll explain you all.

5 years ago, I didn't like programming, I said that programmers were mad mens.

And I had some CASIO calculators (yes yes, I was a bad guy...) with some basic bad games. And I started looking the source, correct them etc...
After, I started to make my own basic programms (a nibble, a mastermind, a racing game, a pussle game, a tetris...) all week I made at least 1 game !!

One day (~1 year later = 1997), a friend bought a TI-86, and he show me some assembly games... I didn't want anymore my casio calcs ! And he wanted to sell me his 86 at the end of the year...
But I knew that TI would release the TI-89 in 1998 :)

So, the 10/14/1998 (the day when TI-89 started to be sold in France) I bought my first TI-89 :)
(I have also a TI-92+ HW2, very great calc, since 3 weeks :p)

I started programming basic (a basic PacMan, a basic Movem [sokoban] you can find in the ticalc archives).

In 1999, I started learning with a french ASM guide called ZGuide, a very great ASM guide, with an HTML interface (thanks to Florian Drevet, the author ;)).
I made first FlashShell Explorer, but I was very mad at this time : I only took PlusShell source code to learn assembly...
Yes, to learn assembly, I have read a lot of source code !!
After, my first assembly game was PacMan, my second was TurboBreakOut68k, my third CrockMan, and the last one is BomberMaze68k...

Do you understand my way ?
If you wanna learn assembly, there is the 68kguide by Jimmy Mardell...
I'll start the C++ perhaps next week, to make a level editor for BomberMaze !

     20 January 2001, 05:44 GMT

Re: My little story =)
Nidal Khater  Account Info

cooOOOoL thanx thanx you're a good guy
(boooordel mais chuis français, couillon!!!! )

So this is your story...humm, a little like me. I hated programmating, but i discovered the BASIC on Ti86, so i began making MATH progs...Not games.

heyy, man, games are very difficult to do !how can you say that you "BEGAN" by making games???and as niblle, tetris(???).....

what i want to tell, is that i am afraid. Cause i am considered as the best programmer in my University..but, je sais à peine faire des progs tout cons, koi, rien de spécial...suis-je normal, ou..????

How can you avoir le courage of reading all this source codes... ooooh, dis moi ke j'ai raison : en fait c pas compliqué, on ne "nait" pas intelligent, il suffit d'analyser les sources des autres?mmm?

because what surprises me, is that you have discovered alone the algorithms of thoses games...but, as i said, i may be the best student here, but i would NEVER find how to make a nibble or a tetris!!

so, encourage me, tell me that you are very stupid(héhé), and that je pourrais do very good prog, too, bientôt, après bcp de travail, et non pas bcp de intelligence.

(didn't you have ANY prog skills before beginning??impossible!!!!?en kelle année t'es né? moi en 81)

     21 January 2001, 00:15 GMT

Re: Re: My little story =)
Flavien Racine  Account Info
(Web Page)

Oups desolé, j'avais pas vu qu'il y avait une réponse !

Putain j'y pige plus rien, t'es francais ou pas ??
Bon, en ce qui me concerne, je suis une grosse bitte en cours (j'ai pas eu mon BAC scientifique, et apres j'ai passe un BAC Proffesionnel, et la je suis en IUT, et j'abandonne a la fin de l'annee pour aller bosser dans une boite de programmation)
Donc, je suis "tres stupide" !

Mon tout premier jeu que j'ai programme en BASIC sur CASIO etait un PacMan, apres j'ai fait un Nibble et un jeu de Puzzle ou il fallait pousser des nombres, c'etait pas mal !

Mon age ?
J'ai 19 ans, je suis du 26 decembre 1981 :)

Vala, je pense que g repondu a toutes les questions :)

     28 January 2001, 23:59 GMT

Ghost Site?

So are you planing on updating anymore? I have been checking ti-fr in recent dates and found a hardware 2 patch for 2.05, a hardware 1 max memory for 2.05, a tibreciver for 2.05, universal os 1.21, and a version of big dyna that works on hardware 2. Just thought you should know, also there is a rom hacking device at tinews.net as well as the latest version of ebook.

     28 January 2001, 06:23 GMT
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