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Universal OS v1.14 Released
Posted by Eric on 22 October 2000, 01:56 GMT

Hi, it's me again. First of all, many apologies for the lateness of this post. It wasn't my fault. Really!

Anyway, Julien Muchembled has released Universal OS v1.14. This kernel is fully compatible with DoorsOS II v0.98 and contains a few bugfixes. Get it here. Julien has also released other goodies such as MaxMem v2.11 and HW2Patch v2.21.

Thanks to tinews.net for reporting on this earlier.

Unrelated note: Due to popular demand we will now link to fileinfo pages whenever applicable.
Another completely unrelated note: Yeah, yeah, it's my birthday; thank you. you all can stop flooding me now ;).


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Happy Mole Day!
Kerey Roper  Account Info
(Web Page)

Happy Mole Day!


     23 October 2000, 21:54 GMT

Re: Happy Mole Day!
MathJMendl  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, happy Mole Day. I thought about this earlier today and thought I could write a special news for it or something (like that of PI day) and email it to news@ticalc but most of the day would have been done by its completion. Too bad no one else wrote one.

     23 October 2000, 23:04 GMT

Re: Happy Mole Day!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info
(Web Page)

How could I have possibly forgotten Mole Day?

Oh yeah, it's 'cause I'm not taking chemistry anymore.

But why has there been a lack of news articles about number days? Nothing at all since Phi/Psi Day (06-18). Not one mention of Pi Approximation Day (22/7). g Day (09-08) and c Day (10-08) were forgotten. And how could we have possibly forgotton National Metric Week (the week containing 10-10)? (Hey, if you have to work with lbf, lbm, and slugs on a frequent basis, you APPRECIATE kilograms and newtons.)

Perhaps we have been so focused on our programs that we have forgotten the true reason for using calculators.

     23 October 2000, 23:39 GMT

Re: Re: Happy Mole Day!
Paulo Marques  Account Info


     24 October 2000, 00:49 GMT

How do i know my HW version?
MotoMan_YZ400  Account Info

I just upgraded to TI flash v.2.05 for my 89. I hate it. I love the meg of room, but I can't run asmbly progs and more. What do I do? I've tride the HW patch but it says "not version 2.01, 2.02, 2.04"! Help!! If you have an answer e-mail me at MotoMan_YZ400@Yahoo.com


     28 October 2000, 02:08 GMT

Re: How do i know my HW version?
(Web Page)

DON'T upgrade to 2.04, there are stupid achiving bugs that will piss you guys off.. It was fixed in version 2.05. 2.05 for me works just fine. I used HW2Patch.EXE to patch the 2.05 file BEFORE I uploaded it to my calculator. (The HW2Patch can't update the 2.05 OS within the calculator) I had 2.03 already on it, and then I downloaded another file that helpes you flash your 89 with a modded flash file and successfully loaded 2.05 on my calculator. (The program's name is called TIB Receiver, ftp://jm.devel.bourges.net/TIB Receiver) I'm running Universal OS 1.14 Kernel with the Doors shell... works just great. If you guys need help email me at: Kamika007z@hotmail.com

     9 November 2000, 01:24 GMT
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