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fastAVRLink Released by Romain Liévin
Posted by Eric on 30 September 2000, 18:10 GMT

Romain Liévin of the Linux Programmer Group has released the schematic and other relevant information for the fastAVRLink, a homemade serial linkcable that seems to be extremely fast and stable.

It's 100% compatible with the Gray TI-Graph Link (and thus also works on Macs), and transfers at five times the rate (57600 baud) of the regular Graph Link, thus making the speeds comparable to (or even faster than) a homemade parallel link cable. Other interesting features include a FLASH microcontroller that allows the microcontroller to be reprogrammed on-board. You can find more information about this amazing feat at its home page. Congratulations, Romain!

Update (Eric): Yeah, I know this isn't really related, but I'll include it here anyway to avoid making the news updates scroll through in the span of a day: Zeljko Juric has released the TI-GCC Library v2.2. The new version includes several bugfixes and vastly revamped and expanded documentation, which is now much more readable and also contains more information about the whole TI-GCC project.

Update (Eric): Mr. Juric has released a small update to the TI-GCC Library, which contains the documentation in both CHM and HTML formats as well as a few minor modifications. Nab it here.

Update (Eric): Zeljko has made yet another update to the library, which now contains a fix for a major bug that was causing crashes in AMS 2.03.


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Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

Please read "Frequently Asked Questions" and How to..." sections before asking me anything about TIGCCLIB 2.2. I am tired of answering already answered questions...

     30 September 2000, 19:37 GMT

Re: Re: TIGCCLIB 2.2
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

" and it is now in .chm format (68 separate HTML files become too inpracticable; if someone is really interested in HTML originals, I can upload them separately)."

And what about us who work under Linux ? (I still wonder if one can really WORK under Winblows...)

I don't remember, but I think I mailed you asking for wrappers headers, so that one can -DPROSIT and use the right header files...
(like -DNOSTUB) Could it be possible for the next release ? Since I managed to patch the patch for TIGCC under Linux (the released Linux version doesn't compile with pointer return in a0 !), and I'm even able to compile the Prosit kernel under Linux it could be more and more useful now :)

     30 September 2000, 20:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TIGCCLIB 2.2
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

OK, then I will upload HTML documentation separately (I converted it to CHM because people asked me to do this).

By the way, you didn't mail me about anything yet, so if you have some wishes for the next release, mail me.

     1 October 2000, 13:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TIGCCLIB 2.2
freakonaleash881  Account Info
(Web Page)

j00 th1nk j00r l33t, mmu_m4n, ju5t b3c4u53 j00 u53 l1n5ux0r?

Ok, did you understand that, LinuxHead? Use whatever OS you want (why you want to use Linux is beyond me), but don't be snotty about it.

Windows 2k is unbeatable, l00z3r.

PS: Zeljko rocks. Your work on the library has really made C a useful language on the 89/92+.

     6 October 2000, 00:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TIGCCLIB 2.2
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

If you want to use it under Linux, recompile TIGCC.

     6 October 2000, 06:39 GMT

Re: fastAVRLink Released by Romain Liévin
JrJinfinity  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, that is truly going to be the nicest PC-Calc link there is for a while yet.

Keep up the good work Romain & Zeljko Juric, so many people look up to the accomplishments of both of you.


     1 October 2000, 10:43 GMT

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