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TIMM for TI-83: Movies on Calculator?
Posted by Eric on 30 September 2000, 17:42 GMT

In what could be the most wacko thing to hit TI calculators since sliced bread (err, wait, that hasn't happened yet), Frank Schoep and Sherman Cahal have released TItanium MultiMedia (TIMM), a program for Windows which produces movies for the TI-83 by taking in a video file in any format your computer supports(mpeg, avi, mov, asf, divx, etc) and outputting a compiled TI-83 assembly program. Yes, that's right, movies on your calculator! Pretty nifty stuff.

Unforuntately, there's no grayscale, but TIMM is pretty interesting nevertheless. It includes compression of up to 85% of normal size, FPS control, and brightness control, among other features. Download it now, here.

Frank has also indicated that he'd welcome any help modifying the program to work with other calculators as well, so email him if you're interested.

Update (Eric): In case you were wondering, TIMM does not work yet on the Windows 2000 operating system due to an issue with devpac83. This will be resolved in the next release.


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Work on a TI 83+
Shawn Woods  Account Info
(Web Page)

Does this program function on a TI 83+. I can't get it to work. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just for the TI 83? If so, could someone port this program or revise it so that it is compatible with the TI 83+? Thanks

Shawn Woods

     30 September 2000, 18:16 GMT

Re: Work on a TI 83+
Ryan M  Account Info

I can't even get the program running because I'm missing so many files!

     30 September 2000, 19:14 GMT

Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
=Sherman=  Account Info
(Web Page)

What did you do wrong? It works fine. Read the readme and follow the instructions throughly. You need AShell to work BTW.

     30 September 2000, 19:16 GMT

Ryan M  Account Info

Hey dude, two things... one, I use a TI-83+.
two, I CANNOT FIND ASHELL for TI-83+!!! It's impossible to find a working one! Help! Email me at LonMelJr@aol.com for the url or file please.

     2 October 2000, 22:39 GMT

Re: Ashell
(Web Page)

"Hey Dude" the main reason why you can't get the program to work is...
Because it's for the 83! That's why under the downloads section it falls under "83" and not "83+". If the program did work for the 83+, then it would be listed as such. So, stop trying because you won't get anywhere.

     5 October 2000, 07:12 GMT

Re: Re: Ashell
Timendus  Account Info
(Web Page)

What's the big deal? Can't you just

:"MOVIE (Or whatever)

on a Ti-83+? That should run practicly any Ashell program.

     9 October 2002, 16:41 GMT

How to get the files
Probyte Account Info
(Web Page)

You need MSVBVM60.DLL . You can download it from http://www.milori.com/developer/runtimes . I hope that will get it working! -Sean

     4 October 2000, 17:48 GMT

Re: Work on a TI 83+
=Sherman=  Account Info
(Web Page)

We are currently looking for porters. This will not work on ANY calc except for a TI-83, but this could change soon.

     30 September 2000, 19:16 GMT

Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
Gohan Account Info
(Web Page)

Oh, man, this looks so cool! I hope you can port it to the 89 soon1 :)

     30 September 2000, 20:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
mikey d  Account Info
(Web Page)

Obviously, the first calc you should port this program to is the 83+ for two reasons:
1. 83+ would be the easiest calc to port it to
2. 83+ is a really popular calc!

     1 October 2000, 03:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+

and most importantly, 3. "mikey d" has an 83+ :)

     1 October 2000, 04:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
CircaX  Account Info
(Web Page)

But, the 83+ has less available RAM than does the good ol 83. (And DO NOT tell me about archive, you can't have the movie in the archive and run it!). This means that, along with the shell ,you'd probably be stuck with 21xxx bytes of movie. OK, so maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I like having 24xxx bytes for a movie better.

     1 October 2000, 21:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
Robin Kay  Account Info
(Web Page)

Split up TIMM into two parts the Movie Player program itself, and the movies files (AppVars naturally). You can't run programs from Flash but you can stream data directly from it using _FlashToRAM.

--Robin Kay--

     2 October 2000, 01:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
pachacco2  Account Info

I'm not a huge genius with Flash memory... could you please explain to me exactly how to do that? *sweat* I'm great at BASIC programming (and wanting to learn ASM if I get the time) but Flash memory just confuses the heck outta me...

     12 January 2005, 06:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
(Web Page)

Actually, if you use MirageOS, you would have 24xxx bytes free on the 83+ becuase MirageOS resides in Flash.

     5 October 2000, 07:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
Matthew Hernandez  Account Info
(Web Page)

Not the brightest crayon in the box are you?! You obviously don't know that external files (external files: programs read by a program; ie. TIMM) can reside in FlashRom and be read. Of course, people such as those in, oh...the TCPA...would know stuff like that. But then again...I was told that by Paul Fischer (actual Texas Instruments Employee) when I specifically asked him...so not everyone may know this deluctable data-bit.

Matt H.

     28 October 2000, 03:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+
George Wellman  Account Info

someone should turn it into an app, or at least make a version of TIMM to convert movies to apps rather than programs. That way, you could use the 160k of archive on 83+ or the one meg on 83+ SE to make much longer movies.

     3 July 2003, 19:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+

I agree, this would be a good development for the 68k calcs. There already is a "movie player" called picviewer and picmaker by Ablan? Grevise or something. This player can support 8 level gray, but is so inefficent that a 5 sec clip of hover tanks in Star Wars EP.1 would take almost 100k.

     1 October 2000, 19:54 GMT

Re: Work on a TI 83+
the one  Account Info

This makes movies for A-shell, a ti83 program. I know A-shell can be made to work for the ti83+ (someone got it to run on my friends calc). But I don't know how, if someone does, please reply.

     30 September 2000, 22:02 GMT

Re: Re: Work on a TI 83+

when you say tht a-shell can work on the 83+,i don't believe you, because a-shell has probably been tested and tried to get to work many times on an 83+. experienced calculator programmers have stated that it is simply impossible to run on an 83+. besides, if there really was a way, someone would have probably blurted it out all over all the ti sites, and this would have quikly become a known fact.

     18 October 2000, 05:46 GMT

Re: TIMM for TI-83: Movies on Calculator?
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Great! Now I can watch ChuChuRocketCommercial.mpeg all day at school!

But it takes Joltimafree to play that thing.

Yet another reason to use ZES!

     30 September 2000, 23:09 GMT

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