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TI-GCC v0.7
Posted by Nick on 30 June 2000, 04:27 GMT

A rather illustrious team of talented programmers has taken the helm of one of the most useful development tools in existence for the TI-89. Furthermore, they've also recently released TI-GCC v0.7, laden with wacky new features. New features are (from the readme):

  • Updated: The linker now supports EXTRA_RAM_TABLE symbols.
  • Updated: The linker accepts a new switch: -outputbin will make it output the raw executable file as it is on the calculator. Of course this .bin file can not be transferred to the calculator.
  • Updated: The linker will display the compiled file size even with the quiet switch -q enabled
  • Updated: Includes tigcclib 2.1 from Zeljko Juric
  • New: Includes TI-GCC IDE by Sebastian Reichelt
  • New: The directory structure has been completely changed and is now clearer.
  • New: The installation is a lot easier thanx to Sebastian Reichelt's setup program.

TI-GCC v0.7 was created by a highly diverse, international team; all of which deserve our mad props. Xavier Vassor, who made the linker and the executable; Niklas Brunlid, who helped in minor bugfixes and additions; Jean Canazzi, who recompiled GCC (whatever that means); Zeljko Juric, who provided the library (of recent news item-related fame) and who wrote the documentation; the also recently-mentioned Sebastian Reichelt, who wrote the IDE; and finally, last but not least, Philipp Winkler, who assisted in the conversion of the library's help file.



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Re: TI-GCC v0.7

What is usage of EXTRA_RAM_TABLE?

     1 July 2000, 13:01 GMT

Re: TI-GCC v0.7
Jeff Meister  Account Info

/me wants TI-GCC-VB!

Visual Basic on 89! Fun fun fun !

- Jeff

     4 July 2000, 15:43 GMT

Re: TI-GCC v0.7
Vladimyr  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm a newbie to calc's but not to programming... I would like to code in C for the TI-86 but from what I've read so far it seems this is only possible for the 89 and 92... Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

     9 August 2002, 09:25 GMT
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