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How To Overclock A TI-89
Posted by Nick on 30 April 2000, 20:40 GMT

An esteemed colleague by the name of Jameson Mitchell has informed me of a page by Boris Lutz that has instructions on how to overclock a TI-89. It involves minimal materials, and the 22 pF capacitor can easily be found at an electronics store like Radio Shack or possibly even your school's physics lab. Good work!

Update (Nick): Josh A. told me about another FAQ on overclocking by Johan Borg. This also tells you what resistors to mess with if you want to take your speed a little bit further.


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Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Vejita  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why is this news?! :)


     30 April 2000, 21:50 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89

It is news because for some reason this interests people in this comunity. Why, your guess is as good as mine.

     30 April 2000, 23:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Olle Hedman
(Web Page)

I guess he means; since it has been known how to do it for about as long as the ti89 has been out, it isn't really news...

//Olle Hedman

     15 May 2000, 13:54 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why is the sky blue?


     1 May 2000, 00:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Dave Stroup  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey Nick, how did you guys do at Science Olympiad?
I was going to go the IL State Tourney, but some other commitments came up and I didn't get the chance.

- Dave

     1 May 2000, 04:58 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

A tip for overclocking a TI89:

* Do not use a capacitor made of pure radium! <see news archives>

     1 May 2000, 16:04 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Torb  Account Info
(Web Page)

What if you are a beginner at this and don't want to ruin your TI-89, but still want to overclock it? Can you get experience by modifying some other electronic thing (an old computer or something)?
Here's another question: Is there a way to upgrade a Virtual TI-89 emulated ROM without upgrading your real 89? I want the extra features that AMS 2.03 will give me but I don't know if some of my assembly games will still work for it, so I'm not sure I want to upgrade it. Is there a way to DEGRADE (undo an upgrade) of a TI-89?
One last thing, does SMQ v1.1.0 mess up Bomber Boy v1.0? Several times I've tried to play Bomber Boy after playing SMQ and have had my calculator crash when trying to save a game, exiting, or when it starts. when I tried it in VTI, and started Bomber Boy, there weren't any enemies or walls on the screen and the background was messed up. I did all this stuff using TEOS v1.02, I haven't tried any other shells yet. Also, It's HW2, if that would help.

     2 May 2000, 01:31 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
-Vittaly-  Account Info

Yeh, you can UPGRADE and DEGRADE your calc easily. You just have to get the base code 1.05. You can ask for it on TI.COM or you can try to e-mail me.

     2 May 2000, 06:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Jxxh67  Account Info

only problem with that is alot of the games that worked with AMS 1.0 wont work with AMS 1.05. Personally, I think that AMS 2.03 has enough game support that its worth upgrading to.

     2 May 2000, 22:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Ryan Castellucci  Account Info
(Web Page)

click the web page to download ams 2.03. (from ti). Run the program and extract to your Virutal TI diretory. Vti can run this.

     4 May 2000, 21:11 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
-Vittaly-  Account Info

Does anyone know whether it's different for HW2?

     2 May 2000, 06:55 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Jxxh67  Account Info

I do believe the actual resistor is somewhere else. Since these instructions were intended for HW1 calcs, i wouldnt suggest trying it on a HW2 calc.

     3 May 2000, 04:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Jxxh67  Account Info

Resistor = Capacitor

Sorry, its late and I can't think :P

     3 May 2000, 04:52 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89

I "found" (i.e., read on a web site somewhere) that you can do a full reset by removing a battery, pressing (-) and ), hold both while you put the battery back in, and keep holding them until the screen comes on. This could be useful to use instead of reseting the calc the way given on the web site.
I'm not sure exactly what it does, but it does clear the archive on AMS 2.03. Yes, even though a normal 2nd-left-right-on or removing a battery doesn't clear the archive, (-), ) and removing a battery does!

     2 May 2000, 22:50 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
john paulsen Account Info

you know, if you spent 2-3 hours reading throo ur calc book, it tells you to do this if it locks up

     10 May 2000, 02:36 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
GordonChil  Account Info

I've been looking all over the internet and canot find this specific variable capacitor(18pf to 50pf). If anyone has one or knows where to get anything even close or knows how to "crop" a larger range down to that size then e-mail me or post on msg board.

     3 May 2000, 06:40 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Jxxh67  Account Info

I have 15, 18, 22, and 33pf capacitors. I know that they can be hard to find, so you can email me and maybe work something out.

     3 May 2000, 21:41 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Bryan Tran  Account Info
(Web Page)

what kind of screwdriver do you need to open a ti89?

     7 May 2000, 01:26 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89

It's a TORX, but I'm not sure what size.

     10 May 2000, 16:16 GMT

Re: Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
Jet Rocker  Account Info

Um...don't make fun but i use one of the micro flat screwdrives in a set that u can get at almost any dollar store

     3 May 2003, 20:26 GMT

Re: How To Overclock A TI-89
darren thiesen  Account Info

Just a couple questions...
I'm going to OC my TI-89 as soon as I find a variable cap that is within the specs I like.

I need a T6 Torx wrench, but Home Depot and Lowe's only have as low as T10... Where did you guys get yours?

How do you people know how many Mhz your running at? does it say somewhere in the OS?

Has anyone tried Actively cooling their calc to see if you can get a higher overclock? It shouldn't be too hard to add a couple heatsinks... maybe even a small peltier(TEC) if your extra in to it. You might have to mod the case a little, but that would be easy.

     5 March 2002, 12:09 GMT

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