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Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
Posted by Nick on 30 April 2000, 20:29 GMT

Alien Breed II v3.0James Vernon of that crazy ole TCPA has released Alien Breed v3.0 for Ion. You can download it for the 83 and the 83 Plus. Lots of optimizations and bugfixes come with this one, as well as Ion support (duh). External levels from v2.0 won't work with this version. The teacher key has also been removed.


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Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
KinkyPimp  Account Info

Hmm the 83+ library is really starting to buid itself up. Why would you want to remove the teacher key btw?

     30 April 2000, 20:41 GMT

Re: Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
The_Dungflinga  Account Info
(Web Page)

what have you got against the teacher's keys?

     1 May 2000, 08:47 GMT

Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
Chris Moultrie  Account Info
(Web Page)

y remove teacher key?

     30 April 2000, 22:06 GMT

Re: Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
Randy Lara  Account Info

what is the teacher key?

     1 May 2000, 05:53 GMT

Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
Philip Ringsmuth  Account Info
(Web Page)

To clarify for those who don't know, the teacher key is a feature that lets you quit the game at any time and return to the home screen of the calc. Some games have this built-in, just in case the teacher walks by in class and might happen to see you playing games. When you run the program again, you'll be exactly where you left it.
I'm also wondering why it was removed from this game? Does anyone have a clear answer on this? I don't understand why you would not include a feature like this, especially if it was already in the game. He had to go out of his way to remove it. Oh well.

-Fil and his $0.02

     1 May 2000, 17:11 GMT

Re: Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

From a shell, you can't usually get directly to the home screen. Also maybe the teacher key took too much ram.

     1 May 2000, 18:57 GMT

Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
Kilehowl  Account Info

does it still crash on the 83+?

     4 May 2000, 00:36 GMT

Re: Re: Alien Breed II v3.0 for Ion
James Vernon  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey everyone,
As far as I know, it shouldn't crash on the 83+. I haven't had problems with it but I've had two emails from people that have but I'll address the problem (if there is one) when I have time.
As for the teacher key, I removed it because it was crashing the calculator and I couldn't work out why, however it could be put back on in later versions.

     4 May 2000, 07:13 GMT

Re: Teacher Key
acr34  Account Info
(Web Page)

I like the teacher key because it acts sort of like of a save button. Also in this game the teacher key didn't return to homescreen/shell. It turned the calc off.

     6 May 2000, 14:25 GMT

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