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TI-GCC Library R1.5
Posted by Nick on 29 March 2000, 22:59 GMT

Zeljko Juric just notified me through email that TI-GCC Library Release 1.5 has been released.

I'm lazy and it's spring break, so let's just copy his email at length. New updates include:

  • Floating point support is implemented. For this purpose, a new header file timath.h is introduced, with 86 new functions, four macro constructors and a lot of constants and predefined types.
  • Basic support for the symbolic calculations (including symbolic algebra and calculus) is also implemented. For this purpose, a new header file estack.h is introduced. It contains 26 functions for manipulations with the expressions stack (in the near future, I plan about 50-100 new functions in this header file).
  • SetPlane function from gray.h now works correctly in "Doors" mode.
  • Grayscale support on Hardware Release 2 calculators is now stable. And, grayscale support now autodetects the hardware version!
  • Now you can make programs which return a result to the TI-Basic, i.e. which act like TI-Basic functions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions are added to the documentation.

Thanks to Zeljko for letting us know. This looks like a great help to the developers who are programming for 68K-based calculators.


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Re: TI-GCC Library R1.5
Donovan Smith  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have only been programming with TI-GCC for a couple of weeks but I already like it a lot. The addition of floating point math to the TI-GCC library will keep me from ever having to revert to TI-BASIC again just becuase of floating point math. TI-GCC rules!

     30 March 2000, 21:09 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.5
Rafael H. Padilla V.  Account Info

Thanks a lot! and congratulations for you great work!

     30 March 2000, 22:22 GMT

Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

I just discovered yet another terrible thing with AMS 2.xx in addition to famous 2.xx limit (more precise, Rafael V. Paddilla points to me to this problem). AMS 2.xx does not allow ASM programs in expressions!!!

What I mean? See, Rafael tried to make a factoriel function in ASM, using TIGCC and directive RETURN_VALUE. Then, he tried to execute fact(5), and it works. After, he tried fact(5)+2 or fact(5)->a, and TI-89 generates "Invalid program refference". Of course, he asked me what is the problem. And, I started to research. First, I noticed that this works fine on AMS 1.xx. Problems are only on AMS 2.xx. Then I started to searching deeply. What I discovered is terrible: when you type 2+fact(5), the program "fact" will not be executed at all!

So, this is not problem with the "fact", nor "tigcc", nor "tigcclib"! The problem is in AMS 2.xx. I found the exact place which produces the problem: before executing an assembly program, AMS 2.xx checks whether an assembly program is a part of the expression. If it is, a "invalid program refference" is thrown!!! So, it is nothing I can do in tigcclib itself, because the ASM program will not be executed at all if it is the part of an expression. TI disallows using ASM programs in expressions starting from AMS 2.xx. Why TI, why?
This is just a blocking of one very useful possibility (not blocking of using TI-89 as Gameboy). Why??? Again, why?????

Any solution??? Yes (but somewhat awkward). I will make a "patch" which will intercept this stupid test, and allow executing ASM programs in expressions. This patch will need to be installed after the reset of the calculator, and it will remain active until next reset. This is the only solution. I am afraid that TI users will become tired of various "patches" which need to be installed on AMS 2.xx to work normally...

     31 March 2000, 10:21 GMT

Rafael H. Padilla V.  Account Info

Well in Fargo, I remember that David do it with
change the "file type to Func", so, in the BCC part
he put some opcodes for tell to TI-System that this files is and function and not an assembler file.

is it another way?

     31 March 2000, 18:00 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.5
James Gustafson  Account Info

I was wondering if there exists a program to write assembly language directly on the Ti-89 calculator instead of using the computer to do it. I know there is one for the Ti-85 allowing the writing as well as the execution of assembly programs directly on the calculator. This way it will be easier and more convenient for more people to write assembly language.
Someone please reply to this comment.

     31 March 2000, 22:00 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.5
Kevin Goodsell  Account Info

An on-calc assembler for the 89 does exist. It is in the file archives somewhere. If I remember right, it has some limits and unsuported features still.


     1 April 2000, 01:53 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.5
Ryan Guerry  Account Info

This is the single most important file to me on ticalc. I remeber the old days with my 85 and my first time playing ztetris. Now I am creating gameboy like games with graphics that put other calcs to shame.
I never thought I would learn ASM, and now I dont have to! TIGCC is awesome, keep up the good work.

     1 April 2000, 05:23 GMT
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