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TI-GCC Library R1.1
Posted by Nick on 8 February 2000, 03:37 GMT

Zeljko Juric has released R1.1 of his TI-GCC Library. This version fixes many AMS 2.03 bugs and grayscale support is now implemented. A lot of other wacky programming stuff is in there, too. For those of you who spend as much of your time as possible living under oversized boulders, TI-GCC is a port of the GNU C Compiler to the 89/92+. The niftiness factors on both TI-GCC and the library are unusually high; check them out as soon as you can.


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Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Henry Pate  Account Info

Congrats on the great program.

     8 February 2000, 04:13 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Bengt Werstén  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, grayscale is cool.
Good job.

Bengt Werstén

     8 February 2000, 07:52 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
(Web Page)

Too bad my linkport is broken. Anyone know what I could do?

     8 February 2000, 13:51 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Bengt Werstén  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sorry for you. ;)

     8 February 2000, 14:18 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Sean Barnes  Account Info

Email ti and tell them that the link port is broken and they will give you the address to send it to, to fix it. This only works if you got your calculator in the past year. Also, if you have HW 1, you will probably end up with a HW 2 calculator.

-Sean Barnes

     8 February 2000, 15:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
miguel5  Account Info

hmm... this is interesting... if only my HW 1 suddenly broke (any ideas) lol

     8 February 2000, 21:40 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
glarf  Account Info

I know this problem: I've personaly repaired mine:e repaired it
the ground was broken, so with a piece of metal I'v

     8 February 2000, 18:47 GMT

GNU= Gnot unix?
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

What is the airspeed velocity of a coconut laden swallow?

     8 February 2000, 20:09 GMT

Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
Mike Palmer  Account Info

an american coconut laden swallow, or an african coconut laden swallow?

     8 February 2000, 21:37 GMT

Re: Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
Henry Pate  Account Info

Go Monty Python! It's only a little rabbit.

     8 February 2000, 23:41 GMT

Re: Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

You doofus. It's either an african swallow or a EUROPEAN swallow.


     9 February 2000, 01:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
amicek  Account Info
(Web Page)

See, he could grip it by the husk! No, no, no, it's just a matter of air speed ratios!

You fell off of the tall tower you creep! Yes, but I was saved at the last moment! "He's going to tell, he's going to tell!"

I really like the part where Lancelot is running and he doesn't get anywhere - funny stuff.


     9 February 2000, 01:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
Henry Pate  Account Info

There, now I have won.
It's only a flesh wound, ok, we'll call it a draw.

     9 February 2000, 03:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GNU= Gnot unix?
miguel5  Account Info

doofus? hmm... I guess I am one... I really gotta brush up on my Monty Python (haven't seen it in like 2 years)...

     10 February 2000, 03:22 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Free_Bird Account Info
(Web Page)

Great, just what we need! Another HLL! Do we really need another TI-BASIC disaster? Okay, this is a compiled language, but does the fact that the 89/92 has a better CPU than a Z80 mean that you should use HLLs? Nope. Even x86 programmers still use asm, although inline, but still. As I always say:
GNU's not useful!

     8 February 2000, 20:59 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Roberto  Account Info
(Web Page)

If it makes programming your TI 10^6 times easier, it is worthed to put Assembly in the dumpcan and start compiling C.

By the way: What is an HLL?

     8 February 2000, 22:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
YodaToad  Account Info

An HLL is a higher level language. Another example of an HLL is BASIC.

     9 February 2000, 04:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

HLLs can be divided in two classes: interpreting and compiling languages. TI Basic is an interpreter. Interpteting languages are usually terribly slow, because they are translated in-walk (although interpreters may be also extremely fast if the source is tokenized smartly). C is a compiler. Compilers first translate source code in ASM, then assemble produced ASM file. Compilers can be extremely fast, even equally fast as the pure assembler if the compiler is good. I saw many BAD compilers, but TI-GCC seems GOOD...

     9 February 2000, 09:09 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Russkiy  Account Info

Man, you forget that there is something else besides Games (and Action Games particularly) in the world that doesnt require to be as fast as possible. Do you think somebody will be able to program, say, Chess for TI-89 using pure assembler in the near future? I doubt so. This is not the case with GCC. That was just one good example.

By the way, Z. J., did you find a C source for a chess game yet?

     8 February 2000, 22:17 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

I already MADE a chess for TI-89 and it WORKS. But I
still don't want to upload it because thinking time
per one move is still unacceptably slow in my opinion.
As the origin of the chess source is not mine, I must
to spend a lot of time to found time critical places
and to optimize them :-(

     9 February 2000, 08:44 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Olivier Serres  Account Info

TI GCC is a very good C compiler, and a good optimiser.
TI GCC support grayscale and in line assembly, and library call... like this:
move.w %d1,%d0
add.w #10,%d0");
TI GCC is not basic. TI GCC is the better way for building nice programs, games, ... for the TI89 and the TI92+

     8 February 2000, 23:36 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library R1.1
Zeljko Juric  Account Info
(Web Page)

See, I am really a great fan of assembler. I programmed in Z80 assembler on ZX Spectrum for more than 10 years and I can say that I am a guru in Intel 80x86 assembler (btw, one of my jobs is teaching of design of microprocessor based digital systems on University of Sarajevo). Together with my friend Samir Ribic, I made one program with over 1MB of source file in 80x86 assembler (Warajevo ZX Spectrum Emulator, look on my web page). So, nobody can say that I am against the assembler. But, I was really shocked when I saw how good is the code generated by TI-GCC when the optimization is turned on (switch -O2).

Look, for example, my (stupid) game CaveBlaster, and look procedures put_sprite and scroll_left written entirely in standard C. Then, compile it, and look at the generated code for these two procedures. I program in assembly from 1986 (14 years), but I really can not do them better even in pure assembly! Note that I made this game in 2 hours. It is only 3Kb long, and very fast (try speed 5, for example). I have a chalenge: made a game which is equally good (more precise, equally stupid), equally fast and in equal size of generated code in 2 hours of programming using pure ASM. And don't forget: this game 1) does not need any kernels, 2) work on any version of AMS. Note again that this is not a good game, this is a programming example which shows what can be done with TI-GCC quite fastly...

     9 February 2000, 09:01 GMT

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