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Orzunoid v7.0
Posted by Nick on 8 February 2000, 03:23 GMT

That's right, folks. Werd.
With that out of the way, I apologize for the lack of news recently. I've been living it up at the almost toxically luxurious Palmer House downtown for the past five days/four nights while attending the MUNUC conference. During this time, I didn't even load the front page of ticalc.org! During this time I went through at least sixty-three instances of massive withdrawal; but now that I'm getting (slowly) back into the swing of things, news items should be churned out in the classic Disabato style (aka as irregular and sporadic as possible).

Now that you've heard this week's update on my personal life, here's some actual CALCULATOR STUFF! *gasp*
Sam Heald, calculator God and member of The Void Productions, has updated Orzunoid to v7.0 for what seems like every calculator on the face of this green Earth. New features: external levels(!), an on-calc level editor, increased speed, a decrease in the size of the program, and a version for the delicious Ion shell.
Download Orzunoid v7.0 for the 82 (Ash), the 83 (AShell83 and Ion), and the 83 Plus (Ion).
Download OrzEdit v1.0, the external level editor, for the 82 (Ash), the 83 (AShell83 and Ion), and the 83 Plus (Ion).


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Re: Orzunoid v7.0
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Does this version have absolute or reletive directions? ie when you hit the ball on the paddle, is it always the same at the edges, and vertical at the middle? Or is it middle is neutral and edges can really make the ball move?

Another question: is this well coded, unlike Turbo Breakout 2 (crashes more than macs) ?

     8 February 2000, 05:48 GMT

Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Kouri  Account Info
(Web Page)

There's only about 6-8 different directions the ball can bounce. Nevertheless, it's still a great game. Just try it and see.
Is it well coded?! Patrick D wrote it, of course it is! :)

     8 February 2000, 06:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Mike Ummm...  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well it does seem that it is too easy for it to go just up and down all the time. so thats a minus but the whole game is just one big plus!! you go on and make games like that. although i know this isnt the place but i just remembered this, how do you fire the lasers? ive had them before but i couldnt figure out how to fire them

but anyway kick ass game

     13 February 2000, 20:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Sam Heald  Account Info
(Web Page)

The lasers powerup (which looks like XX for those who didn't know) can be fired by pressing 2nd. The bullets are only 1x1 pixel wide, so you'll need to have your contrast a little high in order to see them.

     13 February 2000, 20:43 GMT

Re: Orzunoid v7.0

Hey I have a question about the modle UN...Did some guy named Tom for S Africa (i think) tell a joke about vampires..lesbain vampires...while you were there?

     9 February 2000, 02:53 GMT

Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think I heard something about that.
I was on the legal committee, the delegation from Afghanistan who tabled resolution A/2 right at the end of the conference.


     9 February 2000, 03:19 GMT

Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

<part on topic>
Seems nice, too bad my 83+s link capability is gone, I can't get my program off my calculator, oh wait I can always key it in on the graphlink program.
</part on topic>

<off topic>
does anyone know where to find a spanish to english dictionary on the web, I hate taking for ever looking though a real one.
</off topic>

     9 February 2000, 23:34 GMT

Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Alapanamo  Account Info
(Web Page)

You mean like the one at http://dictionaries. travlang.com/SpanishEnglish/?

Instead of typing it in, I have it linked in the URL beneath my handle.

     10 February 2000, 04:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Orzunoid v7.0
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)


     15 February 2000, 23:50 GMT

TI83+ Asm Programming
NinJinTsu  Account Info
(Web Page)

I really love playing games that people make but I would like to make a game myself too. But the problem is I don't know TI83+ Asm nor any other Asm codes...
What I'm trying to say is can I have like a personal tutorer, that can teach me Asm online? I can't understand the tutorials that other people made, and I just can't learn from those things...I have many planned games already but I need to know how to make them...If anyone like to help me by contacting: AIM: NinJinTsu.....ICQ: 22654381.....Email: ninjintsu@mail.com
- NinJinTsu

     10 February 2000, 04:44 GMT

Re: Orzunoid v7.0
robert de veen  Account Info
(Web Page)

Orzunoid v7.0 is really great,
it's has only a problem with sending to a other calculator,
sometimes they said ther is no level found.
What is the problem?

     17 February 2000, 20:46 GMT
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