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POTM Results and Voting
Posted by Andy on 1 February 2000, 02:25 GMT

The voting has been completed on the December 1999 POTM. We are pleased to announce the winners. Additionally, it is time to vote on the January 2000 POTM nominees.


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Re: POTM Results and Voting
Axycer Account Info


     1 February 2000, 03:22 GMT

Re: POTM Results and Voting
Jason Kovacs  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, thats an honor to have received a POTM award for PuzzPack. =) Im glad that this Application was successful and that people appreciated my efforts. Brandon Sterner and Fred Coughlin also deserve this honor for their programs, and so does Dan Englender for his help in putting the App together... Thanks to Everybody who has played PuzzPack and who voted for it in the POTM. =)


     1 February 2000, 03:48 GMT

Re: POTM Results and Voting
S67  Account Info
(Web Page)

Having all the programs compete for 3 awards makes it more of an honor, but basic and asm should be seperate. would a 82 asm program beat a 89 basic program?

     1 February 2000, 19:42 GMT

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