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TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Posted by Nick on 30 January 2000, 04:58 GMT

TCPA has recently released the source code to virtually all of their incredibly popular assembly games. You can download them from our archives; check the latest updates list for more information. Yoshi, Block Dude and Tetris Attack are among the programs with their sources now publicly available. Hopefully these will help both new programmers in learning assembly language and current developers in creating faster, better programs.

In related news, Dan Englender has released an assembly tutorial called Programming TI-83+ Flash Applications. Check this out at once - it gives a lot of great information about this new, wacky technology.

Update (Nick): Rather than add a whole new news item about these, I'll just post them as an update. TCPA has recently put out two utilities of interesting note.

RemoteCalc v1.0 is a utility that mirrors the screen of another calculator (connected via link of course) on yours. All the buttons you push will be mirrored on that calculator, so you can basically remotely control another calculator from yours. This is similar to some applications for the PC: PCAnywhere or Back Orifice allow remote control of a system from another. Download this for the 83 Plus. It is compatible with Ion. There is currently no 83 version.

NECalc allows you to save programs for other calculators on your 89 or 92+ to transfer back later. For example, if you liked both Sqrxz and ZTetris for the 85, but you lack the room to put both on at once, your 89 can act as an archive, storing one or more of the programs for later use. You cannot run these programs on the 89, but with such a vast amount of RAM, the 89 can act as an extremely effective storage device. This innovative program is available for both the 89 and the 92 Plus.


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Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

Excellent! 2 news updates, it's about time! ha

     30 January 2000, 17:50 GMT

Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

What's the point of storing Sqrxz and Tetris on an 89, when you could just play SMQ?

     30 January 2000, 19:01 GMT

Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender

he meant storing SQRXZ and ZTETRIS for TI-85, not 89. 85 doesn't have 700K memory like 89.

     30 January 2000, 19:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Memory expansion was a major issue with the 85... the games were, on the whole, extremely good, and everyone wanted to fill up their calc's mem. As a result, Mel and Bryan Rittmeyer and people like them made memory expanders to increase the memory of the 85.

This turns the 89 into a rudimentary memory expander.


     30 January 2000, 21:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, but if you have an 89...why put 85 games on it?

     30 January 2000, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
amicek  Account Info
(Web Page)

maybe they really like their 85 games


     31 January 2000, 02:48 GMT

Old games can still be better
AlienCow  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hmm.. good point. Who here has a computer capable of handling Tomb Raider? Most of us, I suppose.

Who here has at some time downloaded a Super Nintendo emulator for the PC? I have, for one.

Sometimes people just like the older games more. This is a great sounding program - too bad I haven't got an 89 or a 92 to try it on.

     31 January 2000, 19:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Nathan Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

I would put a few 85 games on my TI-89 so that I could give them to my friends who don't have a TI-GRAPH LINK cable. It's actually an excellent thing--there are quite a few common uses. I'm waiting for full 8x support, so I can archive my Gradebook program and give it to anyone who wants it.

     1 February 2000, 08:29 GMT

Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
KinkyPimp  Account Info

This is all nice and dandy, but when is the updated folder module coming out for the ion shell? (the old one had major problems with games tha use external files)

     30 January 2000, 23:43 GMT

Re: RemoteCalc 1.0
(Web Page)

KeyLink does the same thing as RemoteCalc for the ti-86, except i disabled the screen display cuz i couldn't quite get it to work right.
(ahem, yes, shameless plug...)

     31 January 2000, 07:44 GMT

Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Kaven Rousseau  Account Info

Anyone ever though about building a qwerty keyboard for the TIs ? It would be cool ! Imagine plugging your computer keyboard on your TI-89 to program or take notes during classes.

Just dreaming...


     1 February 2000, 02:03 GMT

Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Brian Schmidt  Account Info
(Web Page)

I feel that their are a lot more possibilities for the ti graphing calculators if someone would just dive in and really work at them. It sounds like a cool Idea using a calculator for storage but my question is why can't I make a backup of my calculators rom and put it on my computer then delete parts of the rom for more space on my calculator. Like their is all that memory that is taken up by the rom why isn't it usable?

     1 February 2000, 02:42 GMT

Re: Re: TCPA Goes "Open-Source," Flash Article By Dan Englender
Dan Englender Account Info
(Web Page)

Actually, from a programming standpoint, that would be very easy to do. The TI-89 will accept remote keypresses if you send a simple command through the link port. There's no need to set up any software on the calc or anything like that. The only problem is making the hardware.

Just a software guy,


     1 February 2000, 02:48 GMT

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