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TI Calculator RC5-64 Team Formed at Distributed.net
Posted by Eric on 23 January 2000, 17:00 GMT

Eric and I have formed a team at the distributed.net project for us TI Calculator fiends. For those of you who don't know what distributed.net is, it can be quickly described as the fastest computer on earth.

For those of you in search of more information, distributed.net's current project is the RC5-64 Challenge put forth by RSA labs. Without going into too much detail, you basically have the (infinitesimally small) chance of winning $1,000 with no outlay of money of your own. Instructions on how to get involved follow, but if you'd like to learn more I suggest you visit their web page or the EFNet IRC channel #distributed.

  1. Get a client. These can be found at http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.html. Clients are out for most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, and MacOS.
  2. After you install the client, run it. You will be asked to do some basic configuring. Basically, the important stuff is "General Client Options->Your email address" (put your email address there), and "General Client Options->Project order" (make sure RC5 is set to the first option). If you wish, you may fiddle with the other settings, but they should be fine. Then save your settings and exit; you can then commence cracking!
  3. About a day or so after you crack your first RC5 blocks, go to http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/ and search for your email address. If it doesn't show up, wait a few hours and try again. If it shows up, you will see a nice page giving detailed information about your RC5 statistics. To get your password, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "I cannot remember my password. Please email 's password." After you get your password, you may login in at http://stats.distributed.net/pedit.php3 to edit your personal information.
  4. Now, the important part. After you've done everything listed above, go to http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/tmsummary.php3?team=4938. This is the home page for the TI Calculator Team. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "I want to join this team!" link. You may be prompted for your username and password if you didn't allow cookies in your personal information page.

If you get a confirmation, that means it worked. After the statistics refresh (this is done every day at GMT), you will see your email address on the team stats list.

Thanks, and happy cracking!


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Re: TI Calculator RC5-64 Team Formed at Distributed.net
Shawn Prestridge  Account Info
(Web Page)

We have a cracking team inside TI called Technophobia. If you'd like to combine efforts, we welcome the blocks!!

     27 January 2000, 20:00 GMT

Re: Re: TI Calculator RC5-64 Team Formed at Distributed.net
Phil Genera  Account Info
(Web Page)

As tempting as this is, there's no easy way to combine teams on d.net, so I don't think we can accept. Also, it's kinda fun to compete against you guys, although I doubt we'll ever catch you :)

     30 January 2000, 04:23 GMT
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