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TI-GCC Library
Posted by Nick on 23 January 2000, 04:59 GMT

Zeljko Juric has released a gem of a file recently. This file, the TI-GCC Library, provides over three hundred new functions for the TI-GCC compiler by Niklas Brunlid, Xavier Vassor and Jean Canazzi. Extremely detailed HTML documentation is also provided, describing almost 250 TI-OS entries. This is perhaps the most extensive documentation of the 89/92+ to date. This will be an extremely helpful file for any assembly developer for the TI-89 or the TI-92 Plus.


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Re: TI-GCC Library
Scott Noveck  Account Info
(Web Page)

And to summarize Nick's incoherent babbling (hehe) - this just defines a bunch of commonly used and additional tios functions. It's useful, and has some nice documentation =)

     23 January 2000, 05:20 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

you acz people sure are arrogant.

     23 January 2000, 05:35 GMT

Re: Re: TI-GCC Library
Vejita  Account Info
(Web Page)

no crap....especially scott.


     23 January 2000, 05:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library
Scott Noveck  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thou darest defy me? See thyself perish within the fortnight!

     23 January 2000, 17:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-GCC Library
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hmm...seems to me someone should be doing more coding and less...other stuff :)

     23 January 2000, 20:46 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library
Hieu-Trung Le  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey great, I could really use the documentation help since I just bought a TI89 and had no idea on how to program ASM for it. Thanks a lot. =)

btw, first comment (I hope)

Okatu Programming Association ROCKS

     23 January 2000, 05:27 GMT

Finally some decent documentation
(Web Page)

Finally there is some decent documentation for programming the TI-89/92+ in a system friendly way. Now there are no more excuses for directly accessing the VAT, using the kbvars veriable, or accessing the Heap directly. I'm looking forward to programs that work on all ROM version and don't require DoorsOS anymore.

     23 January 2000, 16:48 GMT

Re: Finally some decent documentation
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

After I replaced direct VAT access with functions, tezxas worked on all three versions of TI89 ROM.

     24 January 2000, 00:26 GMT

Re: TI-GCC Library
Sean Barnes  Account Info

This is great for HW 2 AMS 2.03 users. Without this C compiler it is hard to do any programming other than BASIC. The documentation for these new libraries is great.

     23 January 2000, 19:14 GMT

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