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MXM Productions Releases [tie]
Posted by Nick on 15 January 2000, 19:55 GMT

MXM Productions has released an interesting new shell for the TI-92 called [tie]. This shell helps to bridge the gap between TI-92 and 92 Plus programming by featuring compatibility with Doors OS programs. [tie] uses an adapted PlusShell kernel, for those concerned. According to the readme, you should be able to run almost all 89, 92 and 92 Plus programs under this shell. For more info, head on over to MXM's home page. Thanks to MXM for making such a groundbreaking shell.


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Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]

Great job guys. I love to see people working on compatibility.


     15 January 2000, 23:31 GMT

Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]
yosweetlady  Account Info

This is cool and all, but why do people focus their efforts on shells? I mean, no one will ever take doors out of the lead. The only way anything could have taken the place of doors was if gooey had actually been released. Why don't you shell programmers focus your efforts on games or usefull programs?

     16 January 2000, 08:32 GMT

Re: Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]
Rusty Wagner  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is for the regular 92, not the 92+, Doors OS doesn't exist on the 92. This is a shell that is needed very much, as it finally allows the 92 to use the same programs that Doors OS, etc. use on the 89/92+.

     16 January 2000, 13:01 GMT

Anybody got this to work yet?
HydroCarbon10  Account Info

Has anyone got this to work yet? Under Win98 flink exits with a runtime error. After messing with it I got the kernel installed into the backup and had to go get fargo so I could fix the checksum becuase the linking programs also exit with a runtime error. After finally sending the backup to the calculator, the calculator locked up with a priviledge violation error. I have rom version 1.11 dated 4/11/96.

     16 January 2000, 20:12 GMT

HydroCarbon10  Account Info

I managed to find an old MS-DOS boot disk and booted my computer with it, it seems the runtime error is a problem with my computer. I got the programs working on my 486, but flink only works with the $5 parallel cable (the only port choices it gives you are parallel ports). Does sum92 change the backup and make it unusable or is it my rom version which is incompatible. It says in the readme that it has only been tested with rom 2.1. As I understand it, the 2.x series came in the TI-92 II (different from the TI-92 Plus) and there were vast differences between the 2.x and 1.x series.

     16 January 2000, 20:48 GMT

Re: Update
(Web Page)

Just a question: do you have a Celeron processor? I have one and I get runtime errors with some programs (like the huffman program that comes with Plusshell). These programs run fine on my Cyrix 6x86.

     17 January 2000, 21:41 GMT

Re: Re: Update
HydroCarbon10  Account Info

No, I have a Pentium II. Supposedly the PII and the Celeron are based off of the same core technology, so that might be where the problem is. It could just be that our computers are screwed up in the same respect.

     17 January 2000, 23:02 GMT

Yet another update...
HydroCarbon10  Account Info

I finally got the shell to work, now does anybody know how to send 89/92+ stuff to the calc. In the readme it says to use the included programs, but the included program doesn't give the old grey link cable as a choice, only the $5 parallel cable. The TI-GraphLink software doesn't work and gives the error that the file is not individual. Any solutions?

     18 January 2000, 00:12 GMT

Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]
Elendur  Account Info
(Web Page)

That's cool! So there are still some programmers to bring great programs (/shells!) to the good old 92!

     17 January 2000, 16:37 GMT

Re: Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]
Alexander Grutsch  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks, I hope you enjoy [tie]


     17 January 2000, 17:52 GMT

Re: MXM Productions Releases [tie]
Allando Nielsen

This is exactly what I was looking for! There are not being released many TI-92 I games anymore, but with this shell we can enjoy all the new TI-92+ games. Great work guys!

     28 January 2000, 01:14 GMT

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