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SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Posted by Nick on 29 December 1999, 03:17 GMT

Benoit Scherrer and Brian Tribondeau have released SolarStriker v0.6 Beta for the 89, the 92 and the 92 Plus. This update is faster, smaller, and it handles enemies much better. It also functions under AMS v2.03 with DoorsOS II. Download it asap! :)

Source: Ti.Fr


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Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
mattc2345  Account Info

I have been waiting for this update I liked the first release but it always crashed my 92 plus hopefully this won't crash and it looks cool.

     29 December 1999, 03:32 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
CrazyBillyO  Account Info
(Web Page)

I hope this version fixd the bug where the ship wasn't drawn at all. That was very annoying.

When I first loaded up the page, I said to myself, "Phoenix?" It looks too much like it to me. Kinda disappointing. Maybe I should try it first...

     29 December 1999, 03:46 GMT

Re: Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
CrazyBillyO  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ummm... Actually, it ain't that bad. Maybe the screenshot was bad? Neway, there's still no score and highscore, no greyscale (is there supposed to be any?) on my hw2 92+ even with the new libraries.

     29 December 1999, 03:59 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Reno  Account Info

lots of stuff has been happenin at once lately here at ticalc...

oh well, never look a gift program in the source

     29 December 1999, 03:58 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Bryan Tran  Account Info

the first version is released, some say it only has good graphics and isn't as fun as phoenix, and the next version comes out...with ships identical to pheonix's

from the screenshot it looks exactly like phoenix, but with a fancy background.

     29 December 1999, 04:09 GMT

Re: Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Blue_Z  Account Info
(Web Page)

This version you can see on the screenshot was only made to demonstrate what the SolarStricker engine is able to do -> you can make a clone of Phoenix in a very short time with it, so it give a good idea of its power.

     29 December 1999, 14:34 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Reno  Account Info

whats up with that screen shot? when I put it on my calc it looked like the normal solarstriker

     29 December 1999, 04:10 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
fishdog  Account Info

'|'|-||$ G4/\/\3 |$ '|'|-|3 $|-||'|'

$5 bucks to who ever can translate that hacker talk!!!

     29 December 1999, 07:33 GMT

Re: Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Patrick H
(Web Page)

LOL, Hacker Talk!?!?!? Now that's funny.

'|'|-||$ G4/\/\3 |$ '|'|-|3 $|-||'|' = This Game is the Shit

     29 December 1999, 08:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
fishdog  Account Info

WOW you got it here is the $5... sorry no really money will be given away

     31 December 1999, 05:25 GMT

Re: SolarStriker v0.6 Beta
Brian Tribondeau  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sorry for the background, but the differential scrolling was not finished. It will be in the next version.
I know that the readme file is in french, but maybe you could look on it with a translator (there will be an english version after). A lot of things are explained...

     29 December 1999, 11:27 GMT

Good Job
Dougw101  Account Info
(Web Page)

Good Job Ticalc. You beat Dim-TI on a news item. Maybe this is the start of a new trend? Anyway this game is awesome. Download it if you can. Also I love Ti.Fr site but I only wish it was in English also!
(Translation anyone?)
Well thanks for reading!

     29 December 1999, 17:13 GMT

Doors II .92
calcsale  Account Info

I ran the doorsos on my 89 and it shows the picture and the returns to the homescreen frozen with the black line across the top and busy down in the corner. does anyone know how to fix this?

     29 December 1999, 22:56 GMT

Re: Doors II .92
Rgb9000  Account Info

You have a HW 2 calc, and they have very iffy grayscale support. Get Doors II .9, I have the same problem.

Does any one know the Formula for the 3d graph at the top of this page??

     31 December 1999, 19:50 GMT

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