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Ontic v0.1 Beta
Posted by Nick on 29 December 1999, 02:44 GMT

MXM-TriX of MXM Productions has released an interesting new program: an on-calc C compiler for the 68K set of calculators called Ontic v0.1 Beta. The only pre-processing commands currently in Ontic are #define and #include. Keep in mind that this is a beta, so you should take caution. Download it for the 89, the 92 and the 92 Plus. You can view the home page for Ontic v0.1 Beta here.

On a side note, thanks a ton to }InFuZeD{ at TI-News for giving us the heads-up on this one. nricciar just overhauled their site and it looks very nice. You should check it out!


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Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
mattc2345  Account Info

This looks really neat I can't wait til the completed version comes out.

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     29 December 1999, 02:58 GMT

Re: Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
Ethereal  Account Info
(Web Page)

It looks like the TI news site took the Ticalc source and flipped a few RGB values and pulled the css stuff cuz they dont get it.

     29 December 1999, 03:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
David Ricciardi
(Web Page)

I dont appreate that. I didnt steal anyones code. and if it looks like anything it looks more like slashdot.org. But all the code is mine. And it isnt totaly done. Give me a week and you will see how kick a$$ the site will be

     29 December 1999, 04:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
special[k]  Account Info
(Web Page)

Not to be rude, but the TI-News site does look like a palette-swapped ticalc.org
Also, this isn't where you should be commenting on unrelated topics or advertising, which I've been seeing a lot of. Quoting directly from the posting screen, "Please be constructive and keep comment topics relevant to the article you are replying to." and "Advertisements and spam are not allowed."

Now, to this C program, great idea if it is pulled off well, I'd love to see a good interface for this!

special [k]

     29 December 1999, 06:00 GMT

Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
(Web Page)

Wow! This includes the sourcecode! Cool!

     29 December 1999, 03:52 GMT

Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
Jeff Barrett  Account Info

I have 3 things to say:

FINALY, a better programming language!!
Thanks for what i think has GOT to be the best program EVER!!!

     29 December 1999, 18:29 GMT

Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
Sebastiaan Roodenburg  Account Info

This sounds REAL COOL!!! When is someone going to port it to the TI83????

     29 December 1999, 20:37 GMT

Re: Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
Jeff Barrett  Account Info

Problems with that:

1. different processors, different assembly. It cant really be ported, someone would have to write an entirely different compiler.
2. have you checked how much memory this takes up??

     29 December 1999, 21:37 GMT

Re: Re: Ontic v0.1 Beta
Reno  Account Info

yes, lets port a high level language made for one processor that probably took awhile to make to a completely different processor rewriting the entire thing from scratch!

     30 December 1999, 00:21 GMT

Already is one...
HydroCarbon10  Account Info

There already is a C compiler for Z80 based calcs. I don't remember where it is, its not on ticalc.org, you'll just have to search. I downloaded it a few days ago and wrote some little test programs for my 86, but it also works for the 83. I believe I found it at tifiles, just search for it under google and it will come up as one of the first few links.

     30 December 1999, 00:47 GMT

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