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November POTM Open to Votes
Posted by Nathan on 1 December 1999, 07:39 GMT

You can now vote on the Program of the Month award for November! This month, you can vote for your five favorite featured programs from November. Although they are grouped by lesser Z80, greater Z80, 68k, and Computer categories to remind you what program you are voting for, the five programs with the most votes will win the award at the end of the voting period. We haven't carved this procedure into stone, though, so email us at feedback@ticalc.org and maybe you can help make it better for next month.


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This is dumb
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think this new procedure is dumb because:

1.) You can't see what calculator each program is for.

2.) The allusion of there being 4 categories is misleading. If you are going to do it this way, why not group them all together? Notice the question: "Select which TI-82, 83, 83+ programs from this list would you rate the best?" Seperating them into 4 categories implies that there will be a winner for each category.

3.) More popular calculators, such as the TI-83, TI-86, TI-89, etc. will have a huge advantage over calculators like the TI-82, TI-85, and TI-92. Has this turned into a popularity contest, rather than a contest based on merit?

Conclusion: Grouping/lumping everything together is a bad idea. Don't do it.

     1 December 1999, 07:45 GMT

Re: This is dumb
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

I agree. There is a _huge_ difference between, say, the TI-85 and the TI-86, and between the TI-89 and the TI-92. Sure, programs are similiar and the same programs sometimes are for both calcs in a group, but they are not the same. ZAC, the on-calc assembler for the TI-86 is not possible on the TI-85.

     1 December 1999, 07:57 GMT

Re: Re: This is dumb
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

There is also a huge difference between the TI-82 and TI-92 Plus. Why should programs for both of these calculators be put up against one another? They just don't compare. It's not fair.

     1 December 1999, 08:03 GMT

I agree
spankware  Account Info
(Web Page)

I agree completely. A new system should be implimented.

Jason Hayes
"It's fun to Spank!"
1-877-557-5790 ext. 201

     1 December 1999, 08:44 GMT

Re: This is dumb
Ed Fry  Account Info
(Web Page)

Not to mention that math and Ti-basic Programs now have to compete against ASM Games for an award, which before, the math and Ti-basic programs competed against only math and basic programs. Personally, I think the older system was alot fairer than this one.

Looking at this list, I can already tell who's going to win this.

Sonic Misadventures
The Next Dimension
Lotus Turbo Challenge
The Legend of Zelda. Link's awakening

     1 December 1999, 16:47 GMT

This is off topic but..
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, everyone check out the following site


I think some hate mail is in order....
What does the rest of the TI community think?

     2 December 1999, 00:01 GMT

Re: This is off topic but..
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why is hate mail in order here...?

     2 December 1999, 00:27 GMT

Re: Re: This is off topic but..
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, thank about this for a second.

Okay, times up. Now do you see why hate mail is in order?

(If you're Racist toward basic people then i do believe that you're in the wrong place.

     2 December 1999, 05:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: This is off topic but..
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

If you don't like his site, leave and don't go back.


     2 December 1999, 06:53 GMT

Re: This is off topic but..
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

um... that's my site. And i don't think hatemail is in order :) Anyways, if you email me and give me some good examples as to why basic should be considered equal to assembly when they are obviously not then i'll remove the comments and little logo (which i like). Also, how is being anti basic racist? Last i checked basic programmers weren't a race...

     2 December 1999, 07:44 GMT

Race - Definition of
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

A) a competitive sport wher distance from points a and b are to be crossed before the other.

b) any group of organisms that are singled out due to one similar feature.

c) typo for a verb meaning scarecely dressed

     3 December 1999, 02:09 GMT

You can't be faulted for your ignorance.
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

Go to SiCoDe's site and read what their Basmic campaign is about. Then ask your self if you are against that view or with it.

An informed Opinion is more powerful than a lemming's opinion.

     3 December 1999, 02:12 GMT

Re: You can't be faulted for your ignorance.
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

yeah, sorry about associating race with the only way i've ever heard it used in that context. I didn't have a dictionary to look at right then.

And about your little "An informed Opinion is more powerful than a lemming's opinion." I couldn't agree more, and if you agree maybe you will shut your mouth until you have some informed things to say. Your statement gets to the heart of what jeremy bentham was trying to say when he outlined the utilitarian philosophy. The higher person with the higher intellect and experience has a better grasp of what is good and BETTER. You don't know assembly, but i know both BASIC and assembly. Until you learn assembly thoroughly and leave it to go back to BASIC i won't take what you say seriously or give it any more merit than a happy pig rolling in a pile of mud (if you don't grasp the connection i won't be surprised, think about the un informed concept you brought up earlier). I hope you send me hate mail, just so that i can laugh as i move it to the trash. BASIC is useful for simple math programs, but in game coding it's not equal. So why would i support a campaign that says it's just as hard and just as beneficial to the gaming community? If they are so equal, where are the BASIC vertigos, BASIC ZTetris, BASIC sqrxz and mario, BASIC sonic misadventures? Go home and shut up.

     3 December 1999, 04:17 GMT

Uh, sure
Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

And so came the two opposing armies, one from the north and one from the south. Both beleiving that their philosophy to be correct and the other to be equally wrong. Both had no respect for the other, though both were mortal and both shed blood.

As they met upon the hill man met man and metal met metal, neither fired a first shot, yet both were hit first. This I saw on Lincoln's day. Two men were fighting over issues neither understood. Two men were
fighting over what they beleived the other to have done.

This I did see on Lincoln's day. The Northern side yelled WAR!! The Southern replied the same, and when the field was cleared man had killed man. This I saw on Lincoln's day. And when all was said and done, neither agreed with the other, still. This was all done, on Lincoln's day.

uninformed opinions are deadly, the civil war was not fought over slavery. It was fought over many things, tariffs, money, banks, FFIIs and many others. Yet the following passage states clearly that neither side new the other sides standing. For many years Basic programmers have been stating that we are equal to the assembly programmers as far as skill in our language goes. We were ignored. Now we are making a statement that ASM = BASIC and finallly we are noticed.

So go to SiCoDe's page and actually read what you're against. Understand what we really got your attention for. If you still feel this way, then you can be one of the many wounded on the battle field when it comes to SiCoDe's day...

     3 December 1999, 05:34 GMT

Re: Uh, sure
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

That was the dumest pile of an argument that i have ever heard. There are FAR too many discrepancies between our situation and ... the civil war.

First of all, THEY didn't know what the other was thinking, however I know exactly what you're thinking. You think that getting around the limitations of BASIC takes as much skill as coding a sophisticated ASM game, and that a BASIC game can be just as good as an assembly game. Maybe YOU should read the sicode page. That's where you're wrong. ASM takes far more skill to code any way you look at it. Even IF they were equal, which they aren't, BASIC STILL wouldn't equal assembly. Your campaign should be called "Basic doesn't suck quite as much as everyone thinks" because THAT is what you're trying to proove.
Also, stop telling me to read that pathetic page, i've read it, it still sucks. It's still a silly campaign to proove something that is OBVIOUSLY not true to anyone who is good at coding assembly. Like i said before, go home and shut up until you have some arguments to support your statements. I don't need an assesment of the situation or a history lesson, look at the facts.

     3 December 1999, 15:50 GMT

Re: This is off topic but..
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hmm, yes. Let's flame someone because they have a website full of TI-86 and Game Boy programming information, along with some of the best tutorials available for the TI-86. You program lame games in BASIC because you're too lazy (or dumb, don't have time, your mommy won't let you, etc.) to learn asm, then flame someone who wants to help you out and wrote some darn cool asm games. That makes a lot of sense

     2 December 1999, 07:40 GMT

Re: This is dumb
Kirk Meyer  Account Info
(Web Page)

1.) Click the fileinfo icon.

2.) It's not misleading. It says right in the news item. If you don't read the news item, that's your own fault.

3.) That's true. Maybe it should be fixed, maybe not.

4.) It gave an email address right in the news item. It said to email there with suggestions. Perhaps next time, you should follow instructions.

5.) You can't make ticalc.org do anything... stop threatening them.

     3 December 1999, 03:02 GMT

Re: Re: This is dumb
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

1.) Who wants to do that for each of the 50 or so programs on the list? That's not only a waste of time and bandwidth, but gives ticalc.org more requests to brag about. :)

2.) But it is misleading if you haven't read the news item. That's the whole point. What happens when the news item isn't on the front page anymore? What about the users who are new to the site and haven't read the news item?

3.) And what about BASIC programs? They are at the worst disadvantage of all. Under this system, it is virtually impossible for a BASIC program to win.

3.) More popular calculators, such as the TI-83, TI-86, TI-89, etc. will have a huge advantage over calculators like the TI-82, TI-85, and TI-92. Has this turned into a popularity contest, rather than a contest based on merit?

4.) Kirk, I've tried e-mail. So have you. We both know it doesn't work.

5.) I never threatened them. I simply gave my opinion.

     3 December 1999, 07:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: This is dumb
Kirk Meyer  Account Info
(Web Page)

1.) If someone hasn't tried the programs, then they shouldn't be voting for them. But if they've tried them, they would know... Maybe it should be fixed. Maybe not.

2.) How praytell can you follow the link to vote without reading the news item?

3.) Let's wait this out and see what happens... I think that the Legend of Zelda thing will come out pretty high, and it's basic... I certainly voted for it... This can't really be answered until we see the results.

4.) Um, if they ignore it, then they ignore it. It's THEIR site, not yours (nor mine anymore).

5.) "Don't do it." That's like don't delete this comment. You CANNOT tell ticalc what to do.

     3 December 1999, 23:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: This is dumb
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

1.) If you own many calculators, you may not remember every single program you've tried. Oh well, no use arguing over this point anymore.

2.) What about next month? Are they going to keep putting all the rules in the news item each month?

3.) Assembly and BASIC are two different programming languages. You and I both know, they are _so_ different. No matter how hard you try and how good a BASIC programmer you are, you simply can not make a Assembly-level game in the BASIC language. It's impossible. You can't make Super Mario 86 or ZTetris in BASIC.

4.) Obviously it's their site. And who cares if no one likes it.

5.) That was my opinion, and a strong urging suggestion to them. :) Notice I did not say, "I command you not to do this."

     4 December 1999, 03:45 GMT

Re: November POTM Open to Votes
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think the users should be able to nominate featured programs with a 'Feature it' button. If it gets enough votes, it gets the green icon.

Also, this POTM is stupid, lumping everything together.
ION on 83 and 83+ should be combined, ASHell, ASM and SOS on 83 get the other 83 category. (ION only for 83+)

Also, There should be a slight split for basic programs: TIxx Math, TI8X Basic, TI89/92(+) basic.

     1 December 1999, 18:23 GMT

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