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GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Posted by Nick on 30 November 1999, 01:13 GMT

gtktilink.ticalc.org is now open. It contains information regarding GtkTiLink, the TI linking tool for Linux. It can function with any cable and it uses the GTK toolkit for its interface.


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Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Matthew Hernandez  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is good for all those Linux users. Ironically, just today in math class we were discussing (not as a class) the lack of Linux tools for TI calcs! Ironic,
Matt H.

     30 November 1999, 01:19 GMT

Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Jaguar Kenz Account Info
(Web Page)

Actually, maybe the need for TI-utilities for Linux is not paid attention to a lot. And this is not only for Linux: think of the Sun/OS and other Unix OS-users out there who can profit from this soft/hardware.

     30 November 1999, 02:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

As I know GtkTiLink author, I know that he succesfully compiled it on Solaris (on a Sparc 5), though the hardware of the ports isn't the same, I think it could be supported without a lot of effort, and on x86 maybe without any.

     1 December 1999, 08:19 GMT

Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Bring it up tomorrow, thus deviating from the discussed topic even more. :-)


     30 November 1999, 03:31 GMT

Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info
(Web Page)

At last! Now I can finally get rid of WinDoze (btw, WinDoze 2k is not y2k compliant...) from my PC. Or at least as soon as a ti86 version is released... I would have written something like this myself ages ago (console based), only I'm lazy and can't be bothered figuring out how to access the ports from within c.

Just as soon as Kylix is released I'll start work on a complete GUI, emulator etc for Linux.


http://www.asm86.cwc.net/ for a decent ti86 tutorial...

     30 November 1999, 19:17 GMT

Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Disco_Stu  Account Info

Your link doesn't work.

     30 November 1999, 21:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Erich Oelschlegel  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes it does. :)


     30 November 1999, 23:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
Disco_Stu  Account Info

I'm getting a "Cannot find server" error.

     1 December 1999, 01:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GtkTiLink: gtktilink.ticalc.org
AlienCow  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, I'll be darned. So am I.

I suppose life will go on... :)

     1 December 1999, 13:53 GMT

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