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More programs for your Nspire, round 1
Posted by Xavier on 11 November 2017, 19:39 GMT

It's been a little while since we featured programs (games, even - what else?) for the TI-Nspire series... so let's fix that :)

A.J. Orians has been around for about two decades, starting with TI-86 programs. In recent times, he produced a string of games for the Nspire calculators, several of which were already highlighted here in the past few years, and even recently a game for the TI-eZ80 (CE) series using the community SDK. Still, only a relatively small subset of his collection received news items here yet...

  • nGravnix is a puzzle game where you can switch the gravity with direction keys. The first few puzzles are easy, but the difficulty and average number of required moves raise over the set of 50 provided levels, partially due to special tiles (tiles which do not match any color, roadblocks, etc.). All puzzles can be accessed independently. A level editor is also provided, to expand the game's life even further.
  • nHearts is a card game where winning requires achieving the lowest total score across a number of draws. An achievements system records the fact of merely playing a game, winning a game, etc.
  • nTornado21 is another card game, a personal favorite of the author. The player needs to stack cards on columns, which are cleared whenever the column reaches a value of 21, or a count of 5. A variety of bonus occur upon special sequences and add to the score.

As a bonus, the speed of animations is configurable, and all three games provide in-game help. Oh, and they're all open-source and use the nSDL port of the SDL libraries.

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