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More Axe programs for the monochrome 83+ family, round 1
Posted by Xavier on 5 November 2017, 11:46 GMT

Advanced Powder Toy Axe 3D Tunnel

Some of Mattias "matref" Refeyton's work pieces, such as IkarugaX and Super Crate Box, have already been featured here. Now's a time as good as any (right?) to highlight some of his simpler, yet pretty slick, creations written in Axe, and one derivative thereof.

Advanced Powder Toy displays a physics engine for particles. You can spray solid, liquid and gaseous particles and walls, lay out a variety of modifiers (grenades, liquifiers, etc.), start and pause the simulation, and repeat. The description says that there's no point other than assaulting pixels, but such a point can be interesting :)

Axe 3D Tunnel is a hidden surface tunnel, with highscores. Well, there's not much to say about a Tunnel-type game, besides the fact that it's fast, like IkarugaX, and that the binary isn't large. But still, the 3D effect is nice!

(Really) Illogic was derived from matref's demo-making work by Zachary "Runer112" Wassall, current maintainer of Axe among other things. The three versions range from pure Axe to Axe interoperating with a highly optimized ASM core, showing off this capability of Axe.

The source code of all programs is provided. While some may argue that Axe isn't always the most readable language, it yields binaries that run plenty fast for many purposes. In any case, Axe is quite popular thanks to on-calc editing especially, and we can easily see it created a flurry of development activity for the monochrome 83+/84+ family :)

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