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Two fun agility games for your CE
Posted by Xavier on 4 June 2016, 15:25 GMT


This news item is about a pair of games for the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE, programmed in C by "Unicorn". They are in fact both remakes from original smartphone games. The improved TI-eZ80 hardware, with a faster CPU and more RAM than the TI-z80 series, makes such endeavours easier; the higher-resolution, color screen helps provide a user experience closer to the original games.

First, in SwipeCE, you need to press the arrow keys corresponding to the one displayed on the screen... but with a twist : if the arrow is dotted, press the arrow key for the opposite direction - watch out, you only have a short amount of time for that!


Then, in StackerCE, with a recent update using all kinds of neat colors (which you can adjust), you need to stack moving blocks on top of each other... and of course it's getting faster every time ;)

For both, a longer delay between key detection might have been useful, since the games will repeat the key if you do a "long" press - but hey, that could be seen as an additional challenge ;)
Have fun :D

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