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Game of Life for the 84 Plus CE
Posted by Xavier on 27 March 2016, 21:00 GMT

Game of Life

Today's feature is about a recent addition to the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE program roster: Shaun "Merth" McFall's implementation of Conway's famous Game of Life cellular automaton, written in C, taking advantage of the TI-eZ80 series' color screen, and open source on BitBucket.

Besides the relatively usual features one would expect from most Game of Life implementations on our beloved calculators (e.g. François "FL" Leiber's TI-68k/AMS implementation) and elsewhere, such as interactive edition, step by step mode, customizable grid size, or multiple rules, a welcome capability of Merth's version is the set of topologies, suggested and at least partially implemented by Thomas elfprince13 Dickerson. That is, when cells are reaching the edges of the grid, for the next generation, they can be remapped to another edge and take into account what occurs there. The topologies are derived from standard shapes such as torus and sphere; some topologies are better suited to the default 23/3 rule, while other topologies shine with other rules.

What are you waiting for ? Load that on your 84+CE/83PCE and start playing ;-)

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Re: Game of Life for the 84 Plus CE
Merthsoft  Account Info

Hey, thanks! Elfprince really did do all the topology work, so he gets a big thanks for that!

Reply to this comment    28 March 2016, 02:27 GMT

Re: Re: Game of Life for the 84 Plus CE
critor  Account Info
(Web Page)

You're welcome. :)

Reply to this comment    4 April 2016, 21:00 GMT

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