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A 3D grapher for the 84+CSE
Posted by Xavier on 5 March 2016, 22:26 GMT


Several weeks ago, Christopher 'Kerm Martian' Mitchell released a 3D grapher for the TI-84+CSE: Graph3DC. Its lineage goes back to Graph3 by Kirk Meyer and Martin Warmer, previously featured twice here, as well as Kerm's own Graph3DP for the Casio Prizm (fx-CG10/20).

Like several official FlashApps, it features deep integration into the calculator's OS via multiple hooks, to add 3D graphing alongside the built-in 2D graphing capabilities. However, the salient point of Graph3DC is obviously color support. The availability of a color screen is a major advantage on calculators with monochrome screens on which Graph3 works: now, the graphs are prettier and easier to understand. Beyond color and OS integration, the set of features is excellent, ranging from two different resolutions, graphing multiple simultaneous equations, tracing to obtain coordinates, to familiar settings: window, zoom, color, etc.

Graph3DC provides no DiffEq graphing, unlike Graph3 2.0 - but then again, DE graphing, while useful, has less of a "wow" factor when showcasing your calculator to your friends ;-)

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Re: A 3D grapher for the 84+CSE
KermMartian  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks for the feature! I was impressed with how well the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition was able to handle rendering and rotating the graphs once they were computed. I do hope I get to port this to the TI-84 Plus CE eventually, but I plan to avoid the unending headaches of having to interact with the TI-OS (including plenty of hook-related OS bugs and deprecated code) by having it be a normal program.

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