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A feature-rich on-calc Lua editor
Posted by Xavier on 18 February 2016, 22:55 GMT

Let's start this month's features by a retro-feature.
Namely, the Jens' Script Editor (JSE) on-calc Nspire Lua editor by Jens Kolbinger. You might remember that we had previously featured the first on-calc Lua editor, oclua by the well-known Olivier "ExtendeD" Armand, whose release occurred relatively quickly after the Nspire series grew Lua support. Jens' newer editor goes quite a bit further than oclua, packing an impressive list of features for editing and running scripts on the calculator: syntax highlighting, autocompletion, console, undo/redo, Unicode support, saving / restoring multiple scripts, online help for Lua and Nspire API, find/replace, etc. JSE is itself a pure Nspire Lua program and the pristine document weighs less than 100 KB.

Jens has proved a valuable Nspire Lua programmer, we featured his other programs previously as well. The best-known one is probably Minecraft 2D, voted POTY 2013 in the Nspire category by our users.

Jens' Script Editor is a wonderful piece of work, and definitely represents what you need for serious on-calc Nspire Lua programming - you know, your next Nyan Cat Walrus 2048 / Cookie Clicker / Snake game, I meant educational program (periodic table, etc.) :)

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Re: A feature-rich on-calc Lua editor
Nikky Southerland  Account Info
(Web Page)

Awesome stuff!

Reply to this comment    20 February 2016, 22:41 GMT

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