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Hacking attempts hit calculator sites
Posted by the ticalc.org staff on 9 December 2015, 23:42 GMT

Last weekend, community website Omnimaga was breached by an unknown attacker, resulting in several hours of downtime as the site's staff purged and restored it. The site's forum software was found to be using an unusually weak password hashing algorithm, and there are indications that the attacker may have stolen the hashes, recovered some of the actual passwords, and used them to compromise accounts on other sites, including Cemetech and ticalc.org, targeting users who used the same passwords on the other sites as on Omnimaga. We also observed a number of scripted login attempts and exploit searches hitting shortly after the attack.

We advise visitors to be cautious and consider changing their passwords on Omnimaga and on any other sites, including ticalc.org, where they might have used the same passwords. We recommend using a unique password for every site and following safe password practices.

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