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News catchup
Posted by Travis on 21 October 2015, 06:31 GMT

We apologize for the lack of news updates this year. Life and time restraints have been a problem, certainly not the lack of news. We haven't forgotten, though, and if you'll excuse the brevity and my boring, non-Ryan-esque writing style, I'll try to do a little bit of catching up while we look for a more permanent solution.

Early this year, Mattias Refeyton released Axagon, another Terry Cavanagh Hexagon clone, this time for the TI-83/84 Plus. It's hypnotic just to look at.

Kerm Martian had also been busy creating a series of TI-84 Plus CSE ports of educational Nspire apps from TI's STEM Behind Hollywood program: Body of Evidence, Earth Impact!, Science Friction, and Zombie Apocalypse Part 1 and Part 2.

This year also saw, barely two years after the introduction of the TI-84 Plus CSE, the launch of the (confusingly-named) TI-84 Plus CE. Except in France, where they released a similar model named the TI-84 Plus Protium CE instead. Er, I mean the TI-83 Plus Pentium CE. Excuse me, the TI-83 Premium CE. I think. Anyway, the CE has more RAM and uses a more powerful eZ80-based processor, allowing for greatly improved performance over the TI-84 Plus CSE. BASIC programs should largely work on both the CSE and CE without modifications, but ASM programs will need to be rewritten to run on the CE. The amount of available software, however, is steadily growing.

Also, just in France, a TI-82 Plut—um, TI-82 Advanced was released, which appears to be like a monochrome TI-84 Plus with a Push-to-Test LED, but without assembly-language support or installable flash apps.

That's all I have for now, but stay tuned!

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Re: News catchup
KermMartian  Account Info
(Web Page)

Congratulations on the first news article in 7 months; I was worried about the interval! Thank you for the mention of my STEM Behind Hollywood activities for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, and congrats to the other authors whose works were featured in this article as well. Speaking of the TI-83 Advanced Platinum Edition, don't forget the TI-84 Plus CE-T!

Reply to this comment    21 October 2015, 20:46 GMT

Re: Re: News catchup
German Kuznetsov  Account Info

Yay finaly news!

Reply to this comment    21 October 2015, 22:19 GMT

william white  Account Info
(Web Page)

I've been a member here for 14 years and will gladly fill in the position of news editor if the staff needs help.

An article can be made available every Sunday, covering TI related topics - past and present, technical, informational, and often times sensational.

Reply to this comment    23 October 2015, 00:35 GMT

Re: News catchup
James Vernon  Account Info
(Web Page)

Great to see some recent news on the ticalc.org page again! :)

Reply to this comment    27 October 2015, 03:51 GMT

Re: News catchup
NanoWar Account Info
(Web Page)

Good news! But you can surely promote some news reporters.

Reply to this comment    27 October 2015, 07:21 GMT

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