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2014 POTY Results
Posted by Ryan on 9 January 2015, 23:27 GMT

The results for the 2014 ticalc.org Program of the Year contest are in! This year was an exciting one with lots of fantastic entries and the thrills and chills of a tie-breaker poll. We would like to thank everyone who participated in Nomination November, everyone who voted for their favorite program, everyone who put their hard work and time into coding, and of course, all of the contestants. Here's to you, calc fans, and we're looking forward to a great 2015!

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Re: 2014 POTY Results
KermMartian  Account Info
(Web Page)

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm honored to receive another POTY, and I must tip a gentleman's hat to DrDnar for his superb effort with Solitaire: Klondike and FreeCell. I look forward to another exciting year of featured programs and a competitive 2015 POTY.

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Re: 2014 POTY Results
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
(Web Page)

Awesome. Congrats to all participants and especially the winners. Glad to see the Reuben 2 remake featured as well (which is a feat considering the author was competing directly against his other Reuben remake. :D

Reply to this comment    10 January 2015, 04:12 GMT

Re: 2014 POTY Results
Sorunome  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks a lot for everyone voting for me! Also, congrats the other winners! :)

Reply to this comment    10 January 2015, 09:12 GMT

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