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FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire
Posted by Ryan on 30 November 2013, 17:37 GMT

And here's another program that, shamefully, completely slipped under my radar. As you've noticed, people have working like crazy to make the TI-Nspire an unbelievably powerful platform. This feature is brought to you by two names with which you should be gaining some serious familiarity; they continue to raise the bar for Nspire coding.

Adrien "Adriweb" Bertrand and Jim Bauwens have put an incredible amount of work into a package named FormulaPro for the Nspire. This is a huge project that is, without question, a "must have" for people doing anything under the banner of electrical engineering. Once again, the creators' description supercedes anything that I could say about it:

FormulaPro is a complete and powerful application based around equation solving, and which the bundled equations database is about Electrical Engineering. FormulaPro was made with the goal to recreate the experience of the 89's EEPro app, but better in many ways. Indeed, it benefits from the higher performance of the Nspire over the 89 (high-definition screen and color on the CX, dynamic adaptation, like resizing and input methods, depending on the platform it's running on (handheld, computer, tablet...)), and has more features : e.g. customizable equations database thanks to an online editor (http://education.bwns.be/FormulaPro/), evolving into an on-device editor in version 2.0 (not yet released as of this day), etc...

How important is it? Well, it certainly got attention from Texas Instruments, and I'm told has even been the cause for some award nominations...

The authors are continuing development to make it even more of a "killer app" than it already is. Congratulations to the both of you, and keep up the great work!

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Re: FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire
Jim Bauwens Account Info
(Web Page)

Ow, thanks for the feature! And indeed, Adrien (as project leader) has been nominated for the prize of the engineer of the year in the student engineer category, by the French magazine "L'Usine Nouvelle". All team members got invited to the ceremony in Paris, so I'll finally be seeing my co-developer in real life :)

Btw, the FormulePro link in the article points to my account page, don't thing that that is the intention ^^

Reply to this comment    30 November 2013, 19:05 GMT

Re: Re: FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire
adriweb Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, thanks Ryan and Jim of course :D

Reply to this comment    30 November 2013, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire
Ryan Boyd Account Info
(Web Page)

Whoops! Fixed the link -- thanks for the catch!

Congrats to both of you on the feature. This is wholly impressive work.

Reply to this comment    30 November 2013, 20:00 GMT

Re: Re: FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire
Andrew Pennachi  Account Info

I must say this program will someday be a "can't live without" type. The customizable formula entry is a genius. I am anticipating the release of 2.0 greatly. Though I hate to ask, is the release planned for any range of time?
Thanks for the work you guys have done thus far.

Reply to this comment    30 November 2013, 23:42 GMT

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