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Minecraft 2D for your Nspire
Posted by Ryan on 29 November 2013, 20:29 GMT

You might want to sit down for this one. Go ahead, pull up a chair. Are you sitting? Okay, good.

Minecraft 2DEarlier this year, Jens Kolbinger made the news when he released Bomberman Rush, a game that is still on my TI-Nspire to this day. Apparently, that was just a sneak peek at the level of game that was in store for our calcs. Jens has been diligently working in Lua to bring us Minecraft 2D, a full-fledged clone of the game that has taken the world by storm. There's not much more that I can say about it that Jens hasn't already said himself:

It is a 2D adaptation of the game "Minecraft" for the Nspire and has quite a lot of features yet:
  • Break and place Blocks
  • Randomly generated world, caves, ores, lakes, trees, flowers and dungeons
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Survival/Creative Mode (with flying)
  • Mobs: pigs, sheeps, chicken, cows, zombies, skeletons and creepers
  • Flowing water and lava
  • TNT
  • Fire
  • Bow and arrows
  • Farming
  • Falling sand
  • Inventory with moveable items
  • Itembar with selectable item/block
  • Tools with all functions of the real Minecraft
  • Functioning furnaces, chests, doors, beds, buckets and stairs
  • Crafting (without crafting grid)
  • Functioning Saplings
  • Shadows and Lights
  • 5 savegame slots
  • 2 graphic modes
  • Health and Breath
  • Export/Import world with the World Container
  • It has the same exploration experience and replay value as the real Minecraft
  • It has an innovative import/export function via the clipboard
Everyone in the TI-Nspire community has been going bananas over this program, so what are you waiting for?!

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Re: Minecraft 2D for your Nspire
Skyler0x Account Info

It would be nice if this program was available for the TI-84 Plus CE.

Reply to this comment    11 September 2018, 00:38 GMT

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