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84+ CSE: CMonster and PacMan
Posted by Ryan on 26 November 2013, 05:11 GMT

Are you ready for the third double feature in just two days? That's right, it's a two-day triple double feature! Exciting, no?CMonster

Continuing with the theme of arcade-style astonishment, this first feature brings another classic game to your 84+ CSE. CMonster was released earlier this year by powerhouse author Patrick Davidson. This is a lovely Breakout clone with power-up perks and, as fans of the game know, requires quick reflexes and some sharp anticipation. This feature is quite overdue and has been on the "to do" list for quite some time, so let me apologize for my tardiness here and now to all of the people who have been recommending it as a feature for months. Patrick, you're unstoppable!

Using the "unstoppable" motif as a segue, the ~AssemblyBandit~ is making a habit of slamming out some gorgeous games for the 84+ CSE. His latest, a Pac-Man clone with a suspiciously omitted hyphen (we're watching you!), plays like the best of them. You may have seen Pac-Man on your calc before, but you've never seen it looking this good. Seriously, the presentation is on par with the better arcade ports from back in the day. It has already started booming in terms of its number of downloads, which is quite a testament to its quality.

PacmanAn unintended consequence of this double feature is the simultaneous praise of both a new, attractive Pac-Man game and the author of one of my personal favorite Pac-Man games. Should the two authors decide to duke it out, let it be settled on an unbiased playing field: Bomberkids arena!

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