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Delsgolf: A TI-89 ASM FPS
Posted by Ryan on 24 November 2013, 02:47 GMT

Today, the TI-89 saw a new first-person shooter arrive at the ticalc.org archives. Delsgolf was just released by Ralf Willenbacher -- an impressive title for what is apparently Ralf's first upload here. I haven't played much of the game yet, but it appears to be rather well put-together. The player and enemy movement and controls are quite good, there are two weapons that can be used, and the placement of health / ammo seems to be quite forgiving. Delsgolf has a distinct DOOM feel to it, featuring height differentials (i.e., levels are not simply flat maps), button-presses to end levels, and so on.

Whether the author intends to continue development is currently unclear. While there is certainly some additional polish that could be added, Delsgolf is already highly playable and worth checking out. Ralf even included the source code, which most certainly deserves a big tip of the hat. We certainly hope to see further growth of the project, and we're quite happy to see its official release!

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