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Calcuzap: Foe of Productivity!
Posted by Ryan on 16 November 2013, 01:48 GMT

Calcuzap! Please remain seated during the following ticalc.org Public Service Announce

Whatever you do, do not download Calcuzap for your TI-84+ CSE. I repeat, do not download this game. It has come to our attention that prolific calc author Patrick Davidson has designed this game in order to undermine feelings of boredom, inattention, and curmudgeonliness -- the very things that help one contribute to a productive society.

Symptoms of exposure include:

  • feelings of elation and merriment
  • paranoid thoughts about dodging spaceship ordnance
  • uncontrollable seeking of powerups
  • large distortions of time perception
  • very, very sore thumbs
  • spontaneous yearning for your calculator
If you or someone you know has been playing this game, please report it to your local grump for immediate calculator-wiping. Carry on, calc citizens!

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