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solidFRAME v1.0b
Posted by Ryan on 30 November 2012, 18:04 GMT

The End of All That Is...Patrick "tr1p1ea" Prendergast has already shown us that he knows his way around a z80 calc. Just in time to make the cut for a nomination in the upcoming Program of the Year contest, Patrick has released his solidFRAME 3D model viewer for the 83/84+ series. Possessing impressive speed (15 MHz calcs recommended), solidFRAME is quite an impressive little z80 ASM project, even in its current early form. Coming bundled with a Wavefront .obj converter, Patrick has hinted at the future possibility of an on-calc modeler, along with providing information on how to use the 3D libraries for other programmers. We are certainly keeping an interested eye to see what Patrick has in store for us!

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Re: solidFRAME v1.0b
catastropher Account Info

Wow, that's pretty neat! I wonder if soon we'll be seeing Descent 83+...

Reply to this comment    2 December 2012, 05:47 GMT

Re: solidFRAME v1.0b
Greg M Account Info
(Web Page)

Ah, I always enjoy 3d stuff on calc. Pushing the limits of what the hardware can handle. Great work!

For historical older 3d stuff that may be of interest to people, look no further than the what Matthew Roberts wrote around 2000/2001 -- Matt3d, Coaster 83+, and glasscars. (Lemmingz by the same guy is also /really/ good)

[Link above]

Reply to this comment    4 December 2012, 02:50 GMT

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