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Posted by Ryan on 9 August 2012, 17:04 GMT

So, you say that you're still amazed by Brendan "calc84maniac" Fletcher's impressive feat of bringing a Nintendo Game Boy emulator to your calc? How about his Game Boy Color emulator? Well, you might want to take a seat before reading this news piece. In fact, go ahead and just lie down to prevent serious injury. Brendan has recently released a Game Boy Advance emulator for the TI-Nspire CX. Are you still with us? Good.

gpSP-Nspire is derived from the source code of gpSP2X, an open-source emulator for the Linux-based GP2X. Brendan has absolutely loaded this release with features such as control-mapping, savestates, filesystem browsing, .zip support, and a slew of functions/features for optimal timing settings. Warning against potential overclocking and compatibility issues, careful examination of the Readme and user discretion is recommended. If you do not have an Nspire CX model, you can always enjoy Brendan's lovely version of Chip's Challenge. With Brendan now having conquered a large quadrant of the Game Boy emulation world across multiple platforms, we can only gently encourage calc84maniac to finish his TI-83+ version of F- Zero :)

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Re: gpSP-Nspire
elfprince13 Account Info
(Web Page)


Reply to this comment    9 August 2012, 18:55 GMT

Re: Re: gpSP-Nspire
Ryan Boyd Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks ;)

Reply to this comment    9 August 2012, 20:50 GMT

Re: gpSP-Nspire
Travis Evans  Account Info

I actually remembered to mark it featured this time. :-)

Awesome project!

Reply to this comment    10 August 2012, 02:21 GMT

Re: gpSP-Nspire
return_0 Account Info

I would be careful with this, the GameBoy Color emulator crashed my Nspire CX CAS and I couldn't use it for days. Yes, I used Ndless. :(

Reply to this comment    13 August 2012, 03:57 GMT

Re: Re: gpSP-Nspire
Yeongjin Nam  Account Info

well, based on my experience, this is pretty safe as long as you don't over-overclock your calc.

Reply to this comment    21 August 2012, 23:12 GMT

Re: gpSP-Nspire
Stefan Bauwens  Account Info
(Web Page)

Congrats on the feature Brendan!
Based on the videos and screenshots I saw so far this is definitely deserved. Well done!

Reply to this comment    13 August 2012, 10:07 GMT

Re: gpSP-Nspire
Samuel COZ  Account Info

Awesome !!
Great job. :)

Reply to this comment    21 August 2012, 20:57 GMT

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