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TI-80 Emulator Released
Posted by Ryan on 14 October 2011, 03:27 GMT

The calculator community has been abuzz today with the release of a TI-80 emulator by none other than Randy "Mr. Z" Compton. If you have not been keeping up with the dramatic unfolding of this story, the important thing to know is that the TI-80 has historically been a very difficult mystery to solve in terms of its ROM paired with a proprietary processor. After a truly incredible amount of work on what could easily be argued to be an unspeakably arduous task, Randy has not only released what he calls this "not ready for prime time" software, but documentation to accompany it. Honestly, Randy's contributions have fallen nothing short of remarkable. His efforts are yet another testament to the ingenuity, talent, and dedication that can be found in the TI calculator community.

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Re: TI-80 Emulator Released
Stefan Bauwens  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is nice news. Although I don't have to use it(yet ;) ), it really looks like a big accomplishment. Congratz!

Reply to this comment    14 October 2011, 07:15 GMT

Re: TI-80 Emulator Released
Ronakbhai Account Info
(Web Page)

Hot damn! That is one tough cookie to crack, and I applaud your efforts Mr. Randy. :D

Reply to this comment    14 October 2011, 07:23 GMT

Re: TI-80 Emulator Released
Travis Evans  Account Info

Oh dang... I'm going to have to go back and update the Basics > Calculators and Programming > Emulators site sections again. :-D

Reply to this comment    14 October 2011, 09:33 GMT

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