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On-calc Lua Editor "oclua" Released
Posted by Ryan on 15 July 2011, 15:15 GMT

News for the TI-Nspire just keeps coming. Yesterday, an on-calc Lua editor hit the ticalc.org archives. It appears as though Olivier "ExtendeD" Armand is still at his software shenanigans, evinced by his release of oclua, an impressive little tool that includes an actual Lua editor. For those of us who prefer to do our coding on-calc or feel that the current process is a bit intricate, onclua is a release that could not come soon enough. For some more reading about available Lua development tools for your TI-Nspire, swing on over to the TI-BANK feature (located here), where Olivier's tool was also received with praise.

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Re: On-calc Lua Editor onclua Released
chris houston  Account Info
(Web Page)

Personally I think this makes the Ti Nspire much more useable and probably makes Lua on the Nspire just as viable (if not more) than Ti Nspire Basic. Personally this was the one tool I was waiting for. I only really program while I am at school and have free time to spare wherein I also have an idea of which i have considered making into a program. I am happy as I am getting my CX soon hopefully. Thank You ExtendeD!

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