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Jet Blaster Mach II by Ben Cherry
Posted by Travis on 14 November 2009, 19:45 GMT

Jet Blaster Mach II screenshotPreviously overlooked in the archives is Jet Blaster Mach II, a space shooter for the TI-89 that Ben Cherry made as a sequel to his first version of Jet Blaster several years ago. The object is to blast through a series of randomly-generated fields of blocks and mines, trying to avoid crashing while collecting as much money as possible. At any point in the game you may enter a shop and choose among a variety of weapons, items, and jet modifications available for purchase with your saved money to make the job easier.

This game is a bit different from similar traditional games in that instead of having a set number of lives, it allows you to keep playing until you eventually gain enough cash to buy something from the shop. This way, players who are having a hard time are given a chance to get ahead sooner or later.

Having been last updated around 2004, the game as originally found in the archives did not run correctly on the TI-89 Titanium. With Ben's permission, I have recently updated the program after recompiling it to add Titanium support and making some minor changes to the code to correct a timing issue.

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Re: Jet Blaster Mach II by Ben Cherry
mdsb  Account Info
(Web Page)

Looks ok. I do not have a 89.
How many levels?

Reply to this comment    14 November 2009, 23:24 GMT

Like a roguelike.. in space!
Peter Marheine  Account Info
(Web Page)

It's randomly generated- there are no levels. It simply runs until you lose or get bored.

Reply to this comment    15 November 2009, 15:59 GMT

Re: Re: Jet Blaster Mach II by Ben Cherry
Travis Evans  Account Info

There are nine, I believe, which each level becoming more crowded than the last. The bar at the very bottom of the screen shows you how far you are through the current level.

After that, there's only one "special" level which consists of mostly mines. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

Reply to this comment    15 November 2009, 19:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Jet Blaster Mach II by Ben Cherry
Ben Cherry  Account Info
(Web Page)

As I recall, I built that level to test the mine explosion logic, but forgot to remove the code that generates it and a bug causes you to enter it after completing all 9 levels.

Reply to this comment    16 November 2009, 05:05 GMT

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