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nickd t0t/\11y 0wn3|)
Posted by Michael on 25 August 2006, 22:11 GMT

Today nickd has been dethroned from his position as most prolific ticalc.org news editor. I have now posted my 256th article, thus going boldly into 9-bit territory while nickd languishes at 255 posts like a little assembler boy programmer who's afraid of the carry flag.

Upon learning of this achievement, Michael began to ramble in the third person and promptly lost the balance of his sanity. TAKE THAT NICKD - MY DISCO POLKA LP PWNS YOUR ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION. When prompted for comments, Michael rambled about glaciers and Voyage 400 calculators.

One thing is certain though: Now that I hold the all-time news article record, production of nickels is bound to drop as people everywhere refuse to touch the denomination. There will also be UFO sightings in Kansas, Ulaanbaatar, and Seattle.

Update: Someone has released Snakes on a Plane for the TI-89. This is sure to be the POTY.

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Re: nickd t0t/\11y 0wn3|)
Ranman  Account Info

There is another way to look at this news article.

If your first article is indexed as zero, then your 256th article would be indexed as 255. Hence, still in the 8 bit range.

So, to clear all doubt about this; you need to write at least one more article. ;)

All joking aside... I give my thanks to the entire Ticalc team for doing such an amazing job! :)

Reply to this comment    9 September 2006, 19:52 GMT

Re: Re: nickd t0t/\11y 0wn3|)
leo ducas  Account Info

snake on a plane for Ti89 is just huge ! WOuld you make a 82/83/83+ version ? PLEASE !!!!


Reply to this comment    11 September 2006, 19:00 GMT

Re: nickd t0t/\11y 0wn3|)
nintendorulez  Account Info
(Web Page)

That SoaP prog has to be the awesomest program ever made. Even awesomer than every ASM game ever made put together.

Reply to this comment    11 September 2006, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: nickd t0t/\11y 0wn3|)
Anthony Loven  Account Info
(Web Page)

I second that.

Reply to this comment    12 September 2006, 13:18 GMT
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