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ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
Posted by Nick on 8 October 1999, 22:47 GMT

The Houston Chronicle had an interesting story recently called "Calculators with an attitude." This story focuses on calculators in the classroom, and we have a minor mention towards the middle of the article. It can be viewed here. You have to fill out a small poll before you can view it, though. It looks like this article is basically the same as the previously mentioned article from the New York Times, but it's still worth a read. Thanks to Aaron Chernosky for finding this!


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Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
ajorians  Account Info

Gosh, it was so a small burb. 3 lines was all said about ticalc.

     9 October 1999, 01:09 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle

An interesting insight into the world of journalism I'd say, and an indication that interest in techie things is picking up perhaps...

     9 October 1999, 01:53 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
Bryan Tran  Account Info

this article is identical to the NY Times article, even under the author's name it says "new york times"
the article must have been sent around to different newspapers, because a few weeks ago it was in the San Jose Mercury News, with the exact pictures and all.

     9 October 1999, 02:47 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
(Web Page)

...I fell like crap now... I didn't know, honestly, the the NYT had the same article... complain the the hc :)

     9 October 1999, 05:47 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
ColdFusion  Account Info
(Web Page)

Maybe the Houston Chronicle should have a front page headline: "Houston Chronicle Mentioned in Ticalc.org news"

     9 October 1999, 20:25 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
Adam Berlinsky-Schine  Account Info
(Web Page)

LOL :)

     9 October 1999, 22:27 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
Nick Chaves  Account Info
(Web Page)

Those people who sell that program are crazy!
-I can't believe they want to sell their program. Out of all the programs in the archives at ticalc.org and Dimension-TI and everywhere else, they feel theirs is so special that they should SELL theirs? Hmm.

-They say that they sell TI-83 Plus's for $122 while the "list price" is $149. What list price is that? I looked on TI's web site and they say that the 83Plus should sell for $5-10 more than a TI-83, and everyone knows you can get one of those for under $100 for sure. I guess it's because they load the program already onto it, but I certainly wouldn't want someone opening it and screwing around with a calculator before I bought it (for that much!). $100 83Plus + $35 Program does not = $149 "list price" anyway.

Does their "company" make anyone else sick? I don't know, I just had to let that out.

Nick Chaves

     10 October 1999, 02:10 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Mentioned In Houston Chronicle
Kirk Meyer  Account Info
(Web Page)

I just took the SAT today. I could see how a program could be useful. I also see it would be pretty easy to make one. The programs described on their page do not seem all that hard to create. Their programs probably have a logarithmic effect: it boosts people with low scores more than people with already high scores.

     10 October 1999, 02:58 GMT
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