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Francois Goldgewicht and visualos.ticalc.org
Posted by Nick on 7 October 1999, 20:54 GMT

Francois Goldgewicht has a new hosted site on ticalc.org called visualos.ticalc.org. This site is designed to give more information on the TI-89; it is also the home of VisualOS. A lot of the site is still in French, but it'll be translated to English as soon as possible. Babelfish may be a good quick fix in the interim.


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Re: Francois Goldgewicht and visualos.ticalc.org
Jonah Cohen  Account Info
(Web Page)

In my opinion, ticalc.org shouldn't have announced this until the page was translated to english. Nobody can get any info from it now, and when it finally is translated, nobody will know...

     7 October 1999, 22:24 GMT

Re: Re: Francois Goldgewicht and visualos.ticalc.org
Kirk Meyer  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yep. Not only that, but there appears to be at least one broken image. It's like the site wasn't quite ready to be announced yet or something. I suppose you could argue that the site will appear in the hosted sites sidebar in the near future, but most (English-speaking) people will probably look at the page, see it's not in English, and not visit it again.

     7 October 1999, 23:20 GMT

Re: Re: Francois Goldgewicht and visualos.ticalc.org
Kirk Meyer  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, ticalc. How predictable. Rather than face the issue head on, you side stepped it. You could have:

* agreed that Bryan is right and you should not discriminate against him

* removed Jonah's comment if it was actually in violation of your guidelines

But no, you didn't do that. I pointed out that by Nick replying to Bryan's comment, you were saying that it was okay. But then you decided that that was not okay and deleted it. How about you make up your minds?!? You decided to censor Bryan, to shush him and keep him quiet. You have basically told Bryan that anything critical that he posts will be deleted. Good job.

Please don't delete this comment. The result won't be happy.

     8 October 1999, 00:55 GMT

This article has been closed to posting...
Nathan Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

After seeing things get out of hand, I have used my authority as news editor to make this article read-only.

I will address three issues.

1) French website: ticalc.org gets a LOT of help mail from France, and a website has every right to be in any language at all. If you do not speak French, and you do not like Babelfish, then wait for the translation. To suggest that the content is unworthy because it is not in English is absurd. Secondly--the webmaster told us his site was ready for release, so we announced it.

2) Jonah did not violate our posting guidelines--he is most certainly entitled to his opinion that the site should be in English, just as we are entitled to our opinion that it is unnecessary.

3) As for Nick's reply and deleting, that will be looked into and investigated, and appropriate action will be taken. As I didn't see the comments, I cannot say anything more; I'll pull them up and review them.

"We will provide this forum only as long as our visitors put it to worthwhile use," as our posting guidelines state. We'll see how things go with the next news item. Any further necessary discussion can go to email--I will be happy to take email regarding my decision.

Nathan Haines <nhaines@ticalc.org>
Help Mail, FAQ, Other Sites Manager, and News Editor
the ticalc.org project - http://www.ticalc.org/

     8 October 1999, 05:21 GMT

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