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A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
Posted by Nick on 26 September 1999, 22:42 GMT

TCPA has, in the celebration of their one year anniversary, created a new website design and released many ports of old favorites and some entirely new programs.

New programs include:

Termites v1.0 for the 83 and the 83 Plus. This is a simple program involving many tiny dots ("termites") carrying larger dots ("wood chips") around the screen.

Block Dude (shown in the animated screenshot) for the 83 and the 83 Plus. This addictive puzzle game involves moving blocks to get to a target in 2-D.

Pegs v1.0 for the 83 and the 83 Plus. My personal favorite, Pegs is a puzzle game where you must match similar pegs together to eliminate them. The goal is to eliminate all the pegs.

Lite 3 for the 86. This two-player game requires you to light up three lights in a row.

Also, TCPA's popular game, Yoshi, has been ported to the 68K platforms: 89 and 92 Plus versions have been created.

We would like to express our thanks to TCPA for making such great programs. The 83 and 83 Plus programs have been designed for Joe Wingbermuehle's wildly successful Ion shell. 83 and 83 Plus versions have been created.


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Nick Silkey  Account Info
(Web Page)

Phirzt Mizutha Phux0rin Commentz0r! uNFx0r!


     26 September 1999, 23:18 GMT

Lucas Creagan  Account Info

These look like great games but is it just me or does anyone get a line 111 emulator error when trying to play yoshi89?
I use flashell by the way

     26 September 1999, 23:38 GMT

Dan Englender Account Info
(Web Page)

Redownload it. The Yoshi version at tcpa.calc.org was a bad version. It was fixed about an hour after release. Also make sure you are using Doors. If you still have problems after this, give me an email (dan@calc.org).


     26 September 1999, 23:57 GMT

Re: Re: WOW
mattc2345  Account Info

on my 92plus (doors) its working fine

     27 September 1999, 03:53 GMT

Magicain_Synchro  Account Info
(Web Page)

Finally after waiting a while, someone posted a comment to this article!! Block Dude on 83+ Rulez!!

Oh, and Yoshi rocks too!!!

     26 September 1999, 23:45 GMT

Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
SRJ  Account Info
(Web Page)

yay! more games for the 83!

     27 September 1999, 02:30 GMT

Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA - HELP
Andy Abramson  Account Info

I can not get yoshi 89 to work on my ti-89, i get line 1111 error on versions from every site still....grrrr


     27 September 1999, 21:01 GMT

Re: Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA - HELP
Andrew Magness  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sorry about that... the version uploaded to ticalc.org was a bad version... There is an updated (and better) version on tcpa.calc.org


     28 September 1999, 00:07 GMT

Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
DOZIEDO  Account Info
(Web Page)

You know guys, out of all programing groups, TCPA seems to be the one that is most succesfull and the most talked about. They have released a good amount of games, but they are high quality games. Great gameplay and good graphics. I'd keep my eye on TCPA if I were you...

     27 September 1999, 21:20 GMT

Re: Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
Killer2  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think I speak for all of my fellow TCPA members when I say:

Thank you! =)

-Miles Raymond

(on a side note: it seems to me like you talk about Icarus as a bad group?)

     27 September 1999, 22:40 GMT

Re: Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

TCPA isn't done w/releasing stuff - they're supposed to put out a LOT of material in the next few weeks. When anything cool comes up, I'll post news ;)


     27 September 1999, 22:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
Andrew Magness  Account Info
(Web Page)

We hope to release soething once a week for a while! We just want to keep provding the TI community with great games!

FYI... since right now (5:00 monday CST) we have had over 1200 hits to the webpage since saturday night!!! Thanks alot!!

Andrew Magness

     28 September 1999, 00:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ok great!

     28 September 1999, 00:15 GMT

Re: A Plethora Of Programs From TCPA
B Smith  Account Info

your games rule .... someone needs to release galaxian for 83+ (hint hint) hehe

     4 October 1999, 04:17 GMT

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