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Bomberman Multiplayer Released
Posted by Nick on 31 July 1999, 19:09 GMT

Eric Piel has recently released a new game for the 82, called BomberMan MultiPlayer. It's a normal Bomberman clone except for the fact that there is no computer to play; you have to fight a normal human opponent (on the same calc). It's a very unique game to play against someone else. We suggest you try it out soon!


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Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

YAY, some comments on new games!!!@! Congrats Ticalc.org, you have started to get back into it!!!

     31 July 1999, 19:33 GMT

Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released
Dan Weiss

This game would be even better if my TI82 wasn't stolen! Oh well, VTI with ROM 19...

     1 August 1999, 01:14 GMT

Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

Aww, no computer AI....well that's okay :)

     1 August 1999, 04:04 GMT

Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

I hate to be like this, but I fail to see why this is big news. An almost identical version of this game has been on TI Files since December. Personally, I find the game difficult to play; two sets of hands on the same calc... need I say more? I realize that you have been starved for news recently, but why not try to feature more innovative games and news?

     1 August 1999, 17:36 GMT

Re: Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released
Sir Toby

IMO, I'd rather have more features on less innovative games than a few features on the really great ones. I don't know about y'all, but I like reading any of the news articles posted here, regardless of whether they're "big news" or not... I think it's a good idea to keep us informed and talking about the new happenings in the TI community, even if the happenings are trivial. After all, it's what these comment boards were designed for, right?

But more related to the article itself: Looks great! If I hadn't taken my TI-82 apart and had all the keys fall out, I'd try it! ;) Really, I think any multi-player game for any calculator is quite an accomplishment, even if it does involve uncomfortable hand positions... Keep up the good work!

     2 August 1999, 04:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

Hey, I like News, I wish there was news, at least one, each day. It would say things like Johnny made his 10th program, or things like an assembly Math program that calculates PI. I don't know how many programs You (top on) made, but I agree with the second one

     2 August 1999, 19:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

There is no need to resort to personal attacks. So I haven't released any of my numerous programs, but the fact that I own a TI gives me the right to speak. I would also like to see daily news postings, but with happenings of a higher caliber; "Johnny made his 10th program" and a pi calculator would get a little redundant.

     2 August 1999, 22:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released
Sam Heald
(Web Page)

>I don't know how many programs You (top on)
>made, but I agree with the second one

What does that have to do with anything? How many programs have YOU made? I like news as much as anyone else, but not at the sacrifice of quality. During the summer when most programmers are too busy to do much programming, the TI world is rather calm. But that is no excuse for writing lack-luster news articles. The originator of this thread makes some valid points:

There is nothing *new* about this game, that would warrent *new*s. It's nearly identical to the version that has been availible since last december! In regards to the attack on the game's graphics, just look at the screenshot! Nothing resembles Bomberman or enemies. And as for controls, just try the game! As a ticalc.org reviewer of nearly 90 programs, I must say that this game has the WORST controls of any 82 ASM game (excluding NBA Live '98 and a few others where the controls didn't work at all).

Three words: TRY THE GAME

     3 August 1999, 04:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: etc, etc...
Sir Toby

Well, I hate to argue with one of the more prominent names and strongly opinionated characters in the ticalc comment boards, but I feel you're being a little harsh on the programmer who made the game. Even if the controls do, in fact, suck, at least they work. I must say, an assembly game where the controls are functional is far better than what I and many of the other owners of calculators who visit this site are capable of, and though I realize that you, as a master assembly programmer and game reviewer, can far outdo and improve on this game, I still think that the author deserves some credit and encouragement rather than being told that his programming skills suck. Since you obviously are more skilled than he is, offer to look at the code and point out where to make improvements. In other words, don't complain about something until you've tried to correct it.

And seeing as this is a project that not many programmers in the TI community would attempt, I don't see why this article is "lack-luster" or un-newsworthy. Even if the program has been out for awhile, I haven't heard of it, and wouldn't have either, if it wasn't for this news article. In response to the graphics, I don't see why they have to resemble Bomberman at all, since it is really just the genre that is suggested by the title.

In the end, if you still can't stand these "horrible news items," then DON'T READ THEM! Just read the stuff about the "good" games! Have the thought to let the other fans of ticalc read the "bad news" and don't let it bug you!

     3 August 1999, 10:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: etc, etc...
Sam Heald
(Web Page)

5 WORDS: Have you tried the game?

This news article doesn't "bug" me. What bothers me is that two people, who admit to never playing the game, snap at a person who has played the game and has legimate criticisms.

>Little harsh on the programmer who made the game.

Criticisms of games are not criticisms of programmers. I respect Eric Piel. He worked with me a little bit with Picross and Squarez for the 82. He's one of the few remaining capable 82 programmers. Suppose I said that a particular 86 shell that only runs 86 ASM programs was pointless and unnewsworthy. I'm sure the programmer put a lot of effort into the game, but no matter how you would try to sugar-coat the news article. That shell still lacks the awesome features of YAS like icons, emulation, etc. Likewise, this rendition of bomberman lacks some very basic Bomberman features like linkplay, solid graphics, enemies, and enemy AI.

>In other words, don't complain about something >until you've tried to correct it.

Likewise, I say "If you are going to comment on the quality of a game, PLAY IT".

     3 August 1999, 18:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: etc, etc...
Jean Vásquez
(Web Page)

I agree with you Sam, I got your back...

     4 August 1999, 00:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released

I'm glad someone sees eye-to-eye with me. I was beginning to wonder...

     5 August 1999, 22:42 GMT

Re: Bomberman Multiplayer Released
Eric Piel

First of all: Thank you to every one to think to me and to have found interest in my game.

I would like to say that some innovations have been brought it is sure, read the history paragraph in the readme file.
In the readme file it is also said that the version is 0.05 which, obviously, means that is NOT the final version and lots of features lack.

About the graphics, I'm not a graphist and I had other things to do than drawing 4 little men in all the views. But I've planed to do that and I even encourage anyone to help.

In last, about the controls: To be able to play the game with someone else on the same calculator the keys are not 'normal'. I have notice that Bomberbloke (ti86) has nearly the same controls by default so I think I wasn't too much wrong. Any suggestion is welcome.

Perhaps ticalc.org has made a mistake talking about a game not finished. I suppose most of you could survive it.

Have nice and happy holydays.

     4 August 1999, 22:01 GMT

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