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May 1999 POTM Results
Posted by Andy on 10 June 1999, 23:41 GMT

Votes tabulated at Thu Jun 10 21:35:08 1999

Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Hard Hat Mack Part 236 45.57%
Picross v1.36 7.59%
* Tetris Attack v1.137 46.84%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Life v1.23 5.36%
Minesfield v1.13 5.36%
Snakes v1.07 12.50%
* Tetris Attack v1.136 64.29%
The Fourth Element v1.07 12.50%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Elem17 34.00%
* [Usgard 1.1+] Supercopter Beta27 54.00%
[Usgard 1.5+] Lok85 v1.06 12.00%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Jezzball8624 33.33%
Whiplash Racing v1.215 20.83%
* Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.9225 34.72%
Zap-2000 v.728 11.11%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Asteroids! v2.022 25.58%
Bigdyna Beta 222 25.58%
CraPong! v2.21 1.16%
* Phoenix v3.235 40.70%
Puissance 43 3.49%
TI-Movem893 3.49%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* Bigdyna Beta 235 68.63%
Life Game v1.016 31.37%
Computer Utilities
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
TI-89/92 FTP Proxy 1.0b7 8.05%
* Virtual TI v2.0 Alpha 472 82.76%
W32Tran8x v3.28 9.20%

* Denotes Winner


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Re: May 1999 POTM Results

I'm glad the virtual TI program won. Then again, I never used the FTP proxy and the W32Tran8x program won't work on my computer for some reason, so I guess my choice would have been limited...

Still happy. It's a nice program.

     10 June 1999, 23:55 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

I am too, Vertual TI should of won. I tried the w32tran8x and I think it is waaayyyyy ovious Vertual 89 won

     11 June 1999, 17:10 GMT

Re: May 1999 POTM Results

What the hell? Does that dude release a "new version" of YAS every week? Why doesn't he just implement everything and move on.

     11 June 1999, 00:19 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

Yes i agree, Jezzball 86 is good, but instead stupid people vote for YAS, even though its been on the poll before a bunch.

     11 June 1999, 00:21 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

OK, listen up. YAS was only released 3 times. The 82 emulation is the best that ever has been accomplished on the 86. Just impliment everything at one time? Have you ever made anything in z80 assmebly? Aaron has been working a very long time on YAS and it's a great shell. You need to respect that and quit acting like a babling fool. Thankyou.


     11 June 1999, 03:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

I agree, YAS is my favorite shell for the Ti-86. I hope he will continue making it. I think it is the best because if you don't have a ti-85 or a ti-82, you can still play those games on the Ti-86. Thanks to YAS. I encourage people to continue making stuff. Keep it going.

     11 June 1999, 17:24 GMT

Re: May 1999 POTM Results

asteroids sure doesn't do it for me

     11 June 1999, 01:18 GMT

Re: May 1999 POTM Results
Dan Eble

So I see 7 people voted for my proxy. Can I assume it worked for all of you? Do you have any complaints or suggestions?

     11 June 1999, 01:50 GMT

Re: May 1999 POTM Results
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Wow! THE dan eble. that's pretty cool! I remember when i used to sit in my 8th grade class 4 years ago and play Tetris on ZShell, and i played Tron with other people all the time. Man i totally thought you were dead. I was suprised when i saw a picture of you, i always assumed you were Black =)

     11 June 1999, 03:15 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

Haha! James your freaking funny! Your making a reference to Hackers right?

"Your Zero Cool? Yo I thought you were black man! Hey, hey it's zero cool! " Oh "dan eble", you are zero cool

     11 June 1999, 06:53 GMT

the return of dan eble
(Web Page)

Dan Eble is, was, and shall be god.


     11 June 1999, 19:07 GMT

Re: the return of dan eble
Dan Eble

As a matter of respect to God, please don't compare me to him. He made my brain, so let's give credit where credit is due.

     12 June 1999, 00:41 GMT

Re: Re: the return of dan eble
(Web Page)

fine, then at least a minor deity (diety??? (no))


     12 June 1999, 21:42 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

I might have voted for it (I have an 89) but I can't find it on ticalc, even in the master.index. Where is it?

     11 June 1999, 20:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
Dan Eble


     12 June 1999, 00:45 GMT

Re: May 1999 POTM Results
adam b
(Web Page)

COME ON!!! No basic programs at ALL now? Before you had a voting for all the ticalc's BASIC programs for the month, now there's none at all. What's going on?

     11 June 1999, 03:17 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
Dan Sandstrom

Well, maybe if more people made programs in Basic...

     11 June 1999, 04:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
David Hall (SiCoDe Member)
(Web Page)

There are a lot of BASIC developers. Try doing an Altavista serach for "TI-83 games" and you'll see what I mean :)
Meanwhile, why not check out our site to see what BASIC's capable of... :)

     11 June 1999, 20:00 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

I agree. All I can say is that REAL men program in basic not in some woussy little assembly code. Those shells are for people who don't know how to program.

     11 June 1999, 04:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

What the ...!? You fool! Have you ever programmed in ASM? Do you even know how to program in Basic? I can't say that I have programmed anything in ASM but I have done a few things in BASIC (TIBAnk) and there are numerous limitations and drawbacks compared to ASM! Not to mention, speed? Have you played a the BASIC bersion of Tetris and the ASM one? Man, there's a difference. Gezze. You must be slow ... And for those of you defending BASIC, I support you fully, but don't even say BASIC is better than ASM.

     11 June 1999, 05:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
gangsta george

i must agree and disagree with you. Assembly on a calculator is a waste of time to learn, but damn.... the games r so much better it's no competition. Besides Basic on most calculators is for pussies. The only Basic language that is even close to being decent is the Ti89's language.

     11 June 1999, 05:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

>but don't even say BASIC is better than ASM.

I don't know ASM, but isn't it true that it doesn't add or subtract? (or is it multiply and divide?)
Anyway, try making a program that makes some complex calculus rule really easy to use in basic - then make it in assembly. The code would be easier to follow, and you certainly don't need a lot of speed.

Anyway, ASM might be _more fun_ than BASIC, but it's not always _better_. Depends on the program you had in mind...

     11 June 1999, 17:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
David Hall (SiCoDe Member)
(Web Page)

Exactly. Games like Ground Assault would take ages to program in ASM and only took a couple of months on and off in BASIC.
As you said, BASIC can be better than ASM - it is easier to use, for a start, and I personally believe that this makes up for ASM's speed increases and memory saving, but only for certain types of games (read: not games which rely on speed to be playable).

     11 June 1999, 20:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Sure, anytime a program does little more than complex math, it's going to be smaller in basic. That's because all basic was really designed to do is create math programs. Instead of using three bytes for a call and having to string multiple calls together to manipulate OPs and such, you can just type in a few lines of basic, which boils down to a string of tokens that the calculator parses and evaluates.

And you are also true that you can't directly multiply and divide in asm. That's because the Z80 doesn't have those instructions! But using routines, you can do fast multiplication and division. The ROM must simulate all math operations (including addition and subtraction!) because everything is done with floating point instead of integers.

     11 June 1999, 20:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:Too many ''Re''s...

Oh. Before I read this, I was just about to ask why:
1) the Z80 can't multiply or divide and
2) the calc's OS does (obviously)

I guess that's where these 'floating points' come in. (I don't know anything about ASM, and _boy_ does it show...)

     12 June 1999, 01:34 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results

maybe if not all basic programs sucked so much..

     11 June 1999, 05:44 GMT

Basic Games do not suck

Hey you "x", when was the last time you ever wrote a game? Let me see, I'm guessing never. And since you have never written a game, and I bet you don't even know how, then you shouldn't be saying that Basic games suck. Besides, there are plenty of good Basic games out there. So you can take your comment and shove it.

     12 June 1999, 00:40 GMT

Re: Basic Games do not suck

Relax! Jeez, the comments on this site have deteriorated in the past couple months. Try to make a semi-intelligent post, okay?

And Mr. Grammar - you rule! :)

     12 June 1999, 04:07 GMT

Re: Re: May 1999 POTM Results
adam b
(Web Page)

hehe... sorry for this "disturbing" comment to all of u. i just had to express my views. i program in both BASIC and ASM (more ASM now than basic) and i still think there are some GREAT basic programs being made out there...

     13 June 1999, 03:02 GMT

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