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System Downtime
Posted by Magnus on 25 May 1999, 08:41 GMT

Last night at approximately 01:15 CEST (23:15 GMT), the ticalc.org server crashed for reasons unknown - either OS crash or temporary hardware failure. It is now back up again, since around 08:15 CEST (06:15 GMT), and no data has, to our knowledge, been lost.

We apologize for inconveniences that this may have caused.


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Re: System Downtime

Do you guys run under Windows? I pray you don't

     31 May 1999, 16:38 GMT

System Downtime
Mr Informed

No, they run Linux.

     1 June 1999, 01:25 GMT

Re: System Downtime
Cracker Jack

Why do you guys need to apologize? You provide awesome calc progs for FREE. And every now and then sites go down then they come back up and are flooded again. If anything we should apologize for taking up your bandwith. You know what I mean?

     6 June 1999, 07:15 GMT

Taken for Granted

I agree. This is one site some people really take for granted. All the stuff is free, and there aren't any annoying ads! I am perfectly willing to wait during the occasional crash. Good work.

     7 June 1999, 03:09 GMT
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